“Pools, hotels and Germans. This is how we will relaunch the Riviera”

“Pools, hotels and Germans. This is how we will relaunch the Riviera”

Rimini, August 14, 2023 – Regional Adviser Andrea Corsini, Great Head of Tourism. Few people at sea, Rimini Mayor Jamil Sadikulvad spoke of the hardest summer of the last 20 years.

“Complicated, more than difficult.”

Confesercenti says, one out of every 5 hotel rooms is empty.

“Enough with the schizophrenia data. I know at the end of the season we’ll have a worse balance than in 2022, but it’s not as dramatic. We’re standing and we’re strong. I just trust the Istat data.”

Andrea Corsini, 59 years old, Regional Tourism Consultant – Emilia-Romagna

But what happened this summer, as difficult or complicated as it gets?

“There was a perfect storm. In April the forecast for July and August said: July and August will be +30%.”

Then came the flood…

“And not only that. Bad weather has delayed the start of summer. Rising costs, bills and rising interest rates have choked families. This year, four out of ten Italians have no holidays.”

70% of the tourism business in Emilia-Romagna is covered by the Riviera, you can’t joke around.

“True. I am glad that art cities are flourishing, thanks above all to foreigners: but our main business remains the sea.”

Have high prices on the Riviera and competition from destinations like Albania affected the crisis?

“There were some unjustified increases, it’s true. But now we’re not chasing Albania: we’re going to dump our products and sell them. We can’t set prices for them.”

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70% of Italians (poorer) and 30% of foreigners (more affluent) come to the Riviera, an opposite proportion to art cities. It’s about saying: Let’s take the Germans back to the Riviera…

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“Yes, that’s the goal. But today – for example – there is no plane that can take the Germans directly to Romania. We need to increase the number of such flights.”

How do you do it?

After August 20, I will meet with Ryanair’s bosses: I will ask for a greater commitment to Forl and Rimini.

Bologna will not jump for joy.

“We will not punish Bologna.”

Let’s get back to the source: what can be done for cruise tourism?

“Let’s start with the hotels. 30% of our structures must be redeveloped. We have a history of family management and that’s good: we welcome those who want to modernize. But if no one succeeds, many large groups are ready who want to invest in us. We prefer these investors.”

Do you want to add hotels to hotels and create huge chains?

“To be competitive internationally and for tour operators, we need structures with 80 rooms or more. We have very few.”

What do you suggest?

“Are there hotels that are too small and unable to redevelop themselves? An investor who buys, so to speak, reaches the size of these 40 rooms and transforms them into a larger structure that grows vertically. The old hotel is demolished and becomes a park or green space. There is no new excess.”


“It’s going to take years, but it’s going to be a big revolution. We’ll talk about it in the USGS at the end of November, and we’ll all be there.”

What do you do at the beach instead?

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“Here, on the beach we are the best, no one should teach us anything. But…”


“Let’s make these blessed pools on the beach! You can. That could be another hack.”

The battle over music on the beach at night has taken on a sweltering tone in Rimini.

“Having said that the rules are necessary, I believe that the beach should be experienced as much as possible. Even in the evening. Then it should not become a permanent disco, of course. But I am not in favor of limiting too much. The beach should be experienced. Value.”

But for the beaches there are auctions and bulkistin on the way.

“The government should hurry up, establish three consistent ground rules and then leave the specifications of everything to us the regions. We are able to build a perfect system that protects existing companies. But we must hurry.”

Who is wrong Meloni?

“Look, I’m frank: all governments in recent years have wasted time on beaches.”

The Pink Night is no longer popular: they are even collecting signatures for its abolition. Shall we close it?

No, but we’ll change it.

And how?

“Back to the origins. In recent years it has become a concert programme. The event should go back to being a pink cloud, where everyone feels involved. Let’s color the Riviera, the people, the monuments pink. Let’s go back to the fireworks one at a time, at midnight All over the Riviera. Concerts yes, but at dawn on the beach.

a promise?

“In the last week of June 2024 we will launch the family week. Parents, children and teens are our best customers. We will prepare special packages, promotions and special communications. Events, entertainment and a big party.”

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