“Politics should not occupy sports” – Corriere.it

“Politics should not occupy sports” – Corriere.it
to Andrea Arzili

The betting scandal prompts the government parties to request the president of the Football Association, who is defended only by the opposition and the Football Association: “attacks with tools.”

After pressing Matteo SalviniAimen LeagueAsks Italian Federation President Gabriele Gravina resigns Because “leadership must revolutionize,” here is the new front: FDI advocates are pressing for “Union Commissioner” By Giovanni Malago Coone In light of the “shortcomings” of the football system. The Italian Federation’s statement was softer, according to which football highlighted “the problems, but only the members of the Italian Federation must make appropriate assessments.”

The day after a bitter defeat at Wembley by Luciano Spalletti’s National Team, politics went on the attack. The nuances are different, but in reality the government majority has the top of the Italian Federation in mind, to the point that the number one in CONI, Giovanni MalagoHe intervenes to protect the independence of his world: “It is important for politics to deal with sports, there is a great need for that, but that does not mean that it has to deal with sports.”

returns from Two failed World Cup qualifiers And dealing with the new bet on football, the latest political attack on football does not come at a random time. There are those who doubt that the matter is intertwined with another crucial file for Italian sports, which is… 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan-Cortina
Those who see that the league is in difficulty: In short, the goal will be to oust the president of the Italian Football Federation to also put the CONI summit in crisis. «
Between betting, doping, sporting failures, infrastructure problems, television and economic crises, what still needs to happen to revolutionize movement leadership?“It is an essential action, out of respect for millions of fans,” the league wrote before asking Gravina to step down.

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However, for the FDI party, the head of sports of the Giorgia Meloni party, Senator Paolo Marchesi, who challenged Gravina at the end of 2015 by losing the election to become president of the Lega Pro, speaks of “assignment”. But “this is the position” of the Association and other parliamentarians – the Minister of Sports comments, Andrea Aboudi, from the foreign direct investment area -. I respect the position of others, even more than my partners.” He attacks the Democratic Party by highlighting the difference of views within the majority: “There is a clear political clash taking place between Al-Aboudi and the forces of his majority,” says Democratic Representative Andrea Rossi. While it is work we are talking about. “Unacceptable invasion of the stadium”
Pier Ferdinando Cassini describes Salvini’s party’s move as “incredible”: “Did the deputy prime minister speak on behalf of the government?”

In defense of Gravina

Certainly, however, The sports world is rallying around Gravina To try to undermine the encirclement maneuver initiated by the government. Aside from League A and League B, which remain silent, 83% of the Federal Council side with the president of the Italian Football Federation. “This threatens Italy’s exit from UEFA and FIFA, which do not tolerate political interference.”“, says the President of Assoallenatori, Renzo Oliveri. Of “Automated attacks” Umberto Calcagno, President of the Players Association, speaks. “This is not a time for divisions and disasters,” comments LFP President Matteo Marani. Giancarlo Abete, president of the amateur league, also chimed in to say that the Italian Football Federation was “well managed.” Gravina’s term ends in 2024, and there are already those considering Aboudi as his successor. But there is the possibility of opening a new front, this time entirely within the majority.

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