The End of the World, There Is a Specific Date: Scientists Have Revealed It

The End of the World, There Is a Specific Date: Scientists Have Revealed It

A group of scientists have alerted the entire planet after they recently pinpointed the exact date when the end of the world will occur.

Mammals have dominated the planet for about 55 million years by adapting to and resisting warming and cooling during the Cenozoic Era, the last division of the geological time scale that began after the extinction of the dinosaurs and extends to the present day.

History of the End of the World –

Science has made great progress in the field of research and it is very interesting to take into account a new study published in the specialized journal Natural Earth Sciences Which revealed important news about this topic, Predicting the exact date when a mass extinction will occur That the world will never be the same again.

To test and confirm this theory, a team of scientists from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom used advanced climate models and modern computers to show how the merging of continents into a single supercontinent would affect Earth’s climate and habitability.

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When does science predict the end of the world?

Scientists have confirmed that the conditions that make Earth naturally uninhabitable for humans and all mammals may develop sooner than previously thought due to long-term processes associated with plate tectonics. The study suggests that Current global warming will cause temperatures to rise above physiological limitsMaking some parts of the world uninhabitable.

End of the world due to science
Science reveals when the end of the world will be –

There will be some high emissions scenarios that suggest some of these scenarios Physiological thermal thresholds will be exceeded mainly in coastal areas From the continents of Africa, Oceania, Europe and South Asia. Scientists have indicated that all life forms will end in an uncontrolled greenhouse when absorbed solar radiation exceeds thermal radiation output by several billion years.

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Experts on this subject have confirmed that. Within 250 million years, all continents will converge to form the supercontinent Pangea Ultima. However, scientists warned that conditions that threaten mammalian dominance on Earth could arise even before the date indicated by the study. Pangea Ultima is expected to form when the Sun emits 2.5% more energy than it does today. At this point, Earth could reach a tipping point that makes it uninhabitable for mammalian life.

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The study’s authors explained that New supercontinent will create triple threat To all mammals on Earth:continent impacta warmer sun And More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which would increase the temperature in most parts of the planet. Temperatures are expected to range widely between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius.

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