Whatsapp personal links is coming! | You can make them in a thousand ways, and here’s how

Whatsapp personal links is coming!  |  You can make them in a thousand ways, and here’s how

Now saying Whatsapp is equivalent to saying communication. How many times a day do we use it? Whether it is organizing a business meeting, chatting with our better half or chatting with friends, it has become an essential part of our daily routine, so much so that it is practically indispensable in every smartphone.

But sometimes it is not easy to exchange our contacts Whatsapp, especially with people we don’t know or whose number we haven’t already saved in our address book. But rest assured, because there is a useful solution to this problem: it’s about WhatsApp links. They can be created in many different ways, and in this article we’ll list them all, so you can find the one that works best for you.

By “link” we don’t mean more than one file hyperlinka string of text to be clicked with the mouse – or a fingertip – to access a specific web page, or in the case we examined today, the ability to automatically add a contact to your Whatsapp address book.

There are countless situations when it is inconvenient to exchange phone numbers: a business meeting, love at first sight at a disco, a chance meeting in public transport, and so on. In all these situations, sending a single link can save valuable time to save each other’s contacts and not lose sight of each other. But how do you create a Whatsapp link?

In the meantime, good news: whether you are an Android or iOS user, you still have the opportunity to create, send and receive Whatsapp links! So rest assured, all of these methods will be 100% usable on your smartphone, be it an iPhone or any other model. There is also a way to create links via the desktop app as well. In short, you are spoiled for choice!

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Secondly, the link They can be created in two distinct forms: URL, the classic address made up of alphanumeric characters we used to type into the address bar of our browser while surfing the Internet; And QR code, this black and white square icon, which, if framed by a smartphone camera, performs the same function as a hypertext link. It is up to you to decide which one to create, depending on your preference or need.

via smartphone

As mentioned, it makes no difference whether you have iOS or Android: you can easily create a link in the form of a URL or a QR CODE.

In the first case, all you have to do is Type the following string https://wa.me/39 followed by your phone number. So if your number is 12345678 it will be the string to write https://wa.me/3912345678. Keep in mind that I assume you have an Italian SIM card: that explains why there is 39 In the string: refers to prefix Italian citizen. If you have a foreign SIM card, remember to replace this number with the correct country code.

If you’d rather generate a QR Code, follow these steps: From within the app, touch the three dots icon in the top right to access settings; Once done, click on the QR CODE option that you will find next to your name, on the right. Nothing simpler!

across the desktop

From a computer, the procedure for creating a Whatsapp link is pretty much the same, with one important difference: no QR code can be generated but only a URL.

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The procedure is almost identical to that for smartphones: all you have to do is type in the following string https://wa.me/39 followed by your phone number. Remember that you do not have an Italian SIM card, you will have to replace it 39 with your area code.

By now you probably think you know everything about Whatsapp links, but wait a minute, you don’t want to miss the best part: with this system You can create links not only to a single contact, but also to a group chat! Isn’t it great?

via smartphone

Also in this case, Whatsapp offers you the ability to generate a URL link or QR CODE. However, an important premise must be established: this function is only possible inGroup Administrator, that is, the person who has the right to add new members to the chat. If that’s you, go ahead and read on; If not, you will have to contact the group administrator and ask them to do it for you.

Here’s what you need to do: Once the app is open, enter the respective chat and tap on its name. Now go to the item “Participants“and press”Call via linkFrom here you will be able to view the URL to share, and you can do this in several different ways: by copying it and then sending it via other apps; sharing it within Whatsapp itself; and creating a QR code. You can also decide to reset the link, thus changing the characters that The chain forms itself, for added protection.Take all the time you need to decide which option you prefer!

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via PC

There are no procedural differences between the mobile and PC versions of Whatsapp. This means that when running from a PC, you will be able to create links to group chats in exactly the same way that I explained to you regarding the smartphone version. In addition, I have good news for you: The procedure also works on Whatsapp Webso you can use this method even if you don’t have Whatsapp desktop app!

Do you want me to repeat the procedure to make sure I don’t make a mistake? Of course: all you have to do is start the app – or log into Whatsapp Web – and enter the chat you want to share. Touch the name of the chat: from here all you have to do is scroll down until you reach the item “Participants“, which will be accompanied by cucumbers.”Call via linkSelect it and you will see the share URL. You can also reset itif you want an extra security measure, and you will have access to several sharing options: copy it to send with third-party apps, share it within Whatsapp itself and generate a QR CODE.

our endNow you also know everything about How to Create Whatsapp Links! Of course, you can also share these links outside the app: copy, paste and send them wherever you want, use them as commercial self-promotional tools on your social profiles or send them to your cri to exchange important information. Unleash your creativity, there is no end to the links!

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