Player vote, vote for GOTY now in the final round –

It was available on the official website of Game Awards 2021 The Round finale Dell player’s voice, which allows users from all over the world to vote for GOTY of the year. Let’s see all the details about the nominated games and how to vote.

First, You can vote for this title. The Nominees for The Voice of The Game Awards 2021 I:

Any user – logged in with their Twitter, Facebook, Google or Twitch account – can do this vote Only one of the games indicated above, but he can change his vote before the end of the count. You will have until Thursday morning. At the time of writing, Halo Infinite is at number one, while Metroid Dread is at number two, followed by It Takes Two. Obviously we are only at the beginning so situations can change quickly.

We remind you that the list of games that made it to this round consists of the “survivors” of the previous rounds, who are always voted on by the players. The Player selection It’s just one of the many voices at The Game Awards 2021, and as always, it’s more intense as an indicator of games’ popularity than as an indicator of quality. However, it must be said that all of this year’s nominees are top-tier and we’re sure many will struggle to find one game to vote for.

Game Awards 2021 figurine

Moreover, let’s not forget that I Game Awards 2021 It’s not just a collection of prizes, but it’s also a great space for developers and publishers to showcase their games. For example, there has been talk of a new Sonic game (maybe?), but also of “4 or 5 titles” at the Elden Ring level, at least according to Kelly. We also have confirmation that Activision will not be part of the TGA.

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Tell us what did you vote for?

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