Pisa – Venice 1-2: Final score and highlights

Pisa – Venice 1-2: Final score and highlights
  • That's it from the Arena Garibaldi, I hope you have a good continuation of the evening. Until next time.18:17

  • Midweek matchday 27: Aquilani's side will face Modena while Vanoli's team is expected to face off in the derby with Cittadella.18:17

  • Minutes of stoppage time continued to be fatal for the Nerazzurri, as the Orange Greens overcame Garibaldi and regained second place in the standings with a brilliant scissor kick from Olivieri – his first goal in a lake shirt, and he came close to scoring a brace a few seconds later – after a back-and-forth between the Nerazzurri and the usually pohjanpalo. And Bonfanti. 18:15

  • 90'+7'

    more! Pisa – Venice 1-2, final whistle from Coso.18:11

  • 90'+6'

    Shotgun opportunity! Olivieri drove into the open field, entered the penalty area, but shot the second ball with his right foot, which went wide of the post.18:45

  • 90'+6'

    Ellertsson from midfield, his left foot goes wide.18:10

  • 90'+5'

    The last change in the gun. Bossio leaves Jagalo's presence.18:09

  • 90'+4'

    Cross from the left by Ullmann, Gitkjaer raised the board too far in front of Nicolas but was offside.18:08

  • 90'+2'

    Goal! Pisa-Venice 1-2! Oliveri Network. Gitkaire extends his range for Bosio, a soft cross, Olivieri with a wonderful scissor kick for Nicholas.

    Take a look at Marco Olivieri's player profile18:07

  • 90'+1'

    Getkair from the right, Olivieri lacks support in the Alertsson area.18:05

  • 90'

    Five minutes extra time.18:04

  • 89'

    Olivieri down the line for Ellertsson, and Candela hits a moving penalty kick in the corner.18:03

  • 88'

    Barbieri's cross and Mlakar's header miss the target.18:02

  • 85'

    Latest change Pisa. Barberis takes over from Veloso.18:04

  • 84'

    Replacement of Pisa program. Out comes an exhausted Calabresi, and in comes Hermansson.17:58

  • 83'

    Free kick by Veloso, his left foot doesn't land.17:57

  • 82'

    Warning Svirko, time is running out on Barbieri.17:56

  • 81'

    Calabresi on the ground, play stopped for a few moments.17:54

  • 79'

    Olivieri quickly catches Caracciolo, and Nicola leaves his area to expect him.17:53

  • 78'

    Replace the gun. Fanuli plays the Jetcare card, and Bohjanbalo comes out.17:52

  • 76'

    Off to the Arena, Svoboda is in front.17:50

  • 74'

    Warning: Barbieri, rear tackle on Tesman.17:48

  • 72'
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    From a corner kick, a looping header from Arena went wide of the goal.17:45

  • 71'

    Replacement of Pisa program. The Bonfanti match ends and the former Malkar enters.17:45

  • 70'

    Sparks fly between Edsis and Bonfanti, and Kusuo regains calm.17:44

  • 68'

    Goal! Program for International Student Assessment – Venice 1-1! Bonfanti Network. The square serves Bonfanti who places Svoboda askew and puts his left foot behind Joronen.

    Check out Nicholas Bonfanti's player profile17:43

  • 65'

    Replace the gun. Bjarkasson leaves the field in favor of Ellertsson.17:39

  • 65'

    Replace the gun. Fanoli remembers Zampano and enters Ullman.17:39

  • 64'

    Kosso validates the goal after a VAR check.17:38

  • 62'

    Goal! Pisa – Venice 0-1! Bohjanpalu Network. Free kick from Bjarkasson, Edzis blocks Svirko's shot, Canistrelli shoots the ball and Pohjanbalo repeats the goal.

    View player profile of Joel Bohjanbalo17:38

  • 61'

    Candela gets a free kick from the edge of the goal after a foul by Berwato.17:35

  • 59'

    Replacement of Pisa program. The succession in attack between Vallotti and Arena.17:33

  • 59'

    Replacement of Pisa program. New energy on the wing: Berwato replaces Esteves.17:33

  • 58'

    Bonfanti turns all the way, Edzis intercepts on his left foot, and Goronen takes the ball.17:32

  • 57'

    Warning Marin, reckless on Zampano.17:31

  • 55'

    Svoboda opens up to Candela, who sneaks in.17:29

  • 54'

    Pohjanpalu back-heeled into the penalty area for Olivieri, who tripled and did not pass.17:28

  • 52'

    Valoti tries to penetrate centrally, and Svirko is unbeatable.17:26

  • 50'

    Low cross from Zampano, blocked by Busio's winger Veloso.17:24

  • 48'

    Candela again on the right, Caracciolo sweeps into the corner.17:22

  • 47'

    Candela talks to Bíarkasson, and Marine gets in the way.17:21

  • 46'

    Vallotti tries a right-footed shot from 20 metres, an unforgettable result.17:20

  • 46'

    Filming begins. Pisa – Venice 0-0, Nerazzurri departure.17:19

  • 46'

    Replace the gun. Perini stays in the dressing rooms, Olivieri's room.17:19

  • Aquilani must try to raise his center of gravity to be able to provoke the attackers; Fanoli needs to increase his consistency in the final metres.17:09

  • Close part, better start for the orange-greens, Pohjanbalo chews a turn in front of goal, Zampano challenges Nicolas, then the Nerazzurri grow but struggle to be dangerous, Valotti wastes a Calabresi gallop. In the final, Pohjanpalo again missed a two-step shot, Caracciolo beat Bjarkasson in the box, and Coussou left her running.17:05

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  • 45'+1'

    The end of the first half. Pisa – Venice 0-0, the first half ended in a goalless draw.17:03

  • 45'

    One minute of stoppage time.17:01

  • 45'

    A mistake on the exit from the Nerazzurri, Perini misses Biacarassone in the area that Caracciolo pushed from behind, so Couso left it.17:01

  • 44'

    Shotgun opportunity! Pohjanbalu extends to Candela and dives to receive the cross, coming close to clearing it from two steps.17:02

  • 42'

    Pisa program opportunity! Rhythm from Calabresi who goes centrally, Vallotti wastes everything with a wide right from an excellent position.17:02

  • 41'

    Error by Candela, Bonfanti returns from the left side and shoots a high ball.16:57

  • 39'

    Tessman from 20 metres, with his weak right foot and middle, is easy prey for Nicholas.16:55

  • 39'

    A cross pass from Bossio to Perini, who dribbles inside the area, is blocked by Caracciolo with the left foot.16:55

  • 37'

    Calabresi rolls on the ground, the pictures do not show any violent contact, Coso resumes the match.16:53

  • 35'

    Bohjanbalu runs into the Bjarkason area, Esteves closes him in the corner.16:51

  • 33'

    Tessmann in the lane designated for Bossio, Caracciolo slips and turns to the corner.16:49

  • 31'

    Koso warns Fanoli against protests.16:47

  • 29'

    The two teams face each other in the middle of the field, and it is a divided match.16:48

  • 27'

    Cross from Perini, Marin goes ahead of Bjarkasson.16:44

  • 24'

    Warning: Zampano, rude tackle on Barbieri.17:06

  • 24'

    Free kick from Veloso, Caracciolo tower in the corner is neutralized by Tismanan.16:45

  • 23'

    After the corner developed, they crowded into the orange-green zone, Veloso shot over the crossbar.16:39

  • 22'

    Free kick taken by Veloso, and Canistrelli's header was cleared by Svoboda in the corner.16:38

  • 21'

    Perini warning, late Barbieri.16:37

  • 20'

    Barbieri presses on the wing, and Zampano concedes the first corner kick of the match.16:36

  • 18'

    From a sideline error, the ball went to Bjarkasson, and he shot it wide.16:34

  • 18'

    Bosio sends Zampano into the open field, who, after entering the area, extends the ball, favoring Canestrelli's recovery.16:34

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  • 15'

    The hosts try to increase the wording by slowing down the pace.16:33

  • 12'

    Arancióniverde is under pressure, the Nerazzurri are waiting in their own half.16:28

  • 10'

    Move by the Green Team, Edzis goes down in the penalty area, and Couso blows the whistle for suspected offside.16:26

  • 9'

    Shotgun opportunity! Zampano exchanges the ball with Perini, shoots from a tight angle, and Nicolas protects the near post.16:26

  • 7'

    Zampano rushes down the left, Marin is well placed.16:24

  • 5'

    Tessmann wins the ball back in midfield, and Perini misses the final touch for Bossio.16:21

  • 4'

    Barbieri hits from behind, and Svoboda clears the area.16:20

  • 3'

    Tessmann insists on the right, and Canestrelli contains it.16:19

  • 1'

    Straight from Candela from the right flank, Pohjanbalo runs into the center of the area and shoots the ball back.16:17

  • 1'

    Pisa-Venice starts, and the ball goes green-orange.16:16

  • The warm-up phases are over, and the match officiated by Kuso will begin soon.15:55

  • There is only one new addition to Vanoli in the starting lineup: Bjarkasson replacing Andersen in midfield. Continuity in front of the Pyrenees-Bohjanpalu tandem.15:38

  • Aquilani confirmed the team's defeat against Parma in the 11th minute: Torregrossa came off, Bonfanti played as a striker with Torre and Vallotti in support.15:38

  • 3-5-2 for Venice: Joronen – Idzis, Svoboda, Svirko – Candela, Bjarkasson, Tessman, Bosio, Zampano – Perini, Pohjanbalo. Available: Bertinato, Grande, Dembélé, Altari, Modulo, Ullmann, Gagallo, Ellertsson, Andersen, Cheryshev, Olivieri, Getkjaer.15:45

  • Here are the lineups. Pisa with a 3-4-2-1 formation: Nicola – Calabrese, Caracciolo, Canestrelli – Barbieri, Marin, Veloso, Esteves – Touré, Vallotti – Bonfanti. Available: Loria, Campani, Hermansson, Liverbe, Piccinini, Barberis, Beruato, Arena, Tramoni, Masucci, Melkar, Moreo.15:40

  • The Nerazzurri are still looking for continuity of results, after the defeat against Parma, and face the orange-green team, keen to take advantage of today's matches to return to second place in the standings.15:09

  • At the Arena Garibaldi, everything is ready for the Pisa-Venice match, matchday 26 of Serie B.15:07

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Arena Garibaldi Romeo Anconetani
    City: Pisa
    Capacity: 25,000 spectators15:07

    Arena Garibaldi Romeo AnconetaniFonti: Getty Images
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