Live broadcast Liverpool – Inter: 0-1 European Champions 2021/2022. live the match

  • Where to play the game:

    Venue: Anfield
    City: Liverpool
    Capacity: 54,074 spectators20:54

  • Everything is ready at Anfield for Liverpool-Inter, a match valid for the second leg of the Champions League.20:54

  • Inter will play in the qualifiers in Liverpool and the passage of the role in the final stage.20:55

  • official profiles. 4-3-3 for Liverpool: Alisson. Alexander-Arnold, Matip; Van Dyck, Robertson; Jones, Fabinho, Thiago Alcantara; Salah, Diogo Jota, Mane.20:56

  • official profiles. 3-5-2 for Inter: Handanovic; Skriniar, de Frege; sticks; Dumfries, Vidal, Brozovic, Calhanoglu, Perisic; Lautaro Martinez, Sanchez.20:57

  • Klopp chooses to attack initially, with Diogo Jota’s pivotal hub supporting Salah and Mane. Jones, Fabinho and Thiago Alcantara are three in the midfield.21:06

  • The first half of LIVERPOOL-INTER begins. The match will be managed by Spanish referee Antonio Mateo Lahoz.21:01

  • 4′

    Inter start the attack by pressing the host team high. Inzaghi’s team attacks to search for the first target.21:04

  • 6′

    Inter maneuvers on the left and tries cross in the middle: rejecting the ball, Dumfries tries a weak goal without Alisson’s concern.21:07

  • 10′

    Midfield Sanchez receives the opening left for Perisic running left and putting in center, and Alisson blocks in high production.21:10

  • 14′

    Inter are still under pressure, and Vidal slipped after firing into the area with a through pass. Liverpool is in trouble.21:15

  • 16′

    Liverpool corner: Alexander-Arnold from the flag in the middle to Van Dijk’s header, Handanovic repels without problems.21:16

  • 20′

    In the ban phase of the match, Liverpool took action and continued to attack Inter, Inzaghi’s team is still more proactive.21:21

  • 24′

    Now Liverpool is in possession of the ball and is maneuvering in attack.21:25

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  • 27′

    The referee stopped the match at Klopp’s request. Help in the stands, even by Liverpool doctors, for a fan who has fallen ill.21:28

  • 30′

    Mane catches the ball on the left and goes away to Dumfries who shoots it and accepts a foul from the left edge of the area to Liverpool.21:30

  • 31 ‘

    Liverpool chance! Alexander-Arnold took a free kick right in the middle of Matip’s free kick that hit the crossbar!21:31

  • 31 ‘

    Liverpool chance! From an Alexander-Arnold corner to flick Van Dijk towards goal, Skriniar headed in and headed back into the corner.21:32

  • 34 ‘

    A long throw forward for Lautaro, a very long conclusion that ends safely in Allison’s hands.21:36

  • 37 ‘

    Inter corner: a cross in the middle with the Liverpool defense rejected outside the penalty area, then Lautaro tries to be stopped in the attack.21:38

  • 40′

    Another initiative on the left from Inter, as Perisic tried a cross in the middle, but good for Liverpool’s midfield to reject it outside the penalty area.21:40

  • 40′

    Diogo Jota warned! A cruel mistake by the Reds striker on the edge of the right area on Dumfries.21:41

  • 41 ‘

    Mutual chance! Calhanoglu’s free kick attempts direct conclusion that almost surprised Alisson, Reds diving goalkeeper.21:42

  • 45′

    The referee gives 5 minutes to recover before the end of the first half.21:46

  • 45′ + 4′

    Liverpool is trying to penetrate Salah, but the Nerazzurri defense refuses.21:50

  • 45′ + 4′

    Alexis Sanchez warned! Chilean Thiago Alcantara hit with his hammer foot, taking more risks than Yellow.21:50

  • 45′ + 6′

    Vidal Warnings! Intervention from behind by the Nerazzurri midfielder on Alexander-Arnold.21:51

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  • 45′ + 7′

    Liverpool chance! Alexander-Arnold risked a free kick from distance, right-footed shot over the barrier that ends wide. Handanovic was on the right track.21:52

  • 45′ + 7′

    The end of the first half of LIVERPOOL-INTER 0-0. No goals at Anfield in the first 45 minutes.21:53

  • The first half with several dangerous measures between Liverpool and Inter. Inzaghi’s team starts strong trying to score the first goal and looking for a comeback after the 0-2 first leg match at San Siro. Liverpool’s most dangerous chance in the 31st minute hit the crossbar with Matip’s header from Alexander Arnold’s cross. At the end of time, the Reds winger attempts a free kick that ends at a distance.21:59

  • 45′

    De Vrij exits, D’Ambrosio enters. The first switch, in the first half, to Inter.22:08

  • 45′

    The second half of LIVERPOOL-INTER starts 0-0. The first ball played by the owners of the land.22:08

  • 47 ‘

    Robertson warned!22:11

  • 52 ‘

    Liverpool chance! The defensive inattention of Inter, which favors the penetration of Alexander-Arnold, Handanovic comes out in vain, Salah takes advantage of it, who hits the post with an empty net!22:15

  • 59′

    Mutual chance! Lautaro receives on the edge of the area, controls and shoots first with his right, the ball deflected to a corner.22:23

  • 61 ‘

    Inter is still dangerous: Calhanoglu from the left changes everything to D’Ambrosio who hooks and shoots, high score.22:25

  • 61 ‘

    The goal! Liverpool 0-1 Inter! Eurogol by Lautaro Javier Martínez! Sanchez on the left recovers the ball and gives it to Lautaro, the Argentine takes control and kicks right from the top of the left area, an unstoppable result for Alisson and the Nerazzurri advantage.

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    See player profile for Lautaro Martínez22:27

    Lautaro Martinez
  • 63 ‘

    EXPELLED Sánchez! Chile intervened late on Fabinho, Sanchez takes the second yellow card after a poor mistake in the first half.22:27

  • 65′

    Jones exits, and Keita enters. Liverpool’s first substitution.22:28

  • 65′

    Thiago Alcantara exits, and Henderson enters. Second substitution for Liverpool.22:28

  • 68 ‘

    After Sanchez was sacked, Liverpool tried to stop the match by controlling the ball in the midfield.22:33

  • 70′

    Mane warned! The Liverpool striker with his arm wide on the face of a yellow Baston for the referee.22:34

  • 73 ‘

    Liverpool corner: a cross in the middle with Handanovic pushing the ball away from the Nerazzurri area with the fists.22:37

  • 75 ‘

    Brozovi exits, Gagliardini enters. The second alternative to Inter.22:38

  • 75 ‘

    Dumfries exits and enters Darmian. The third alternative to Inter.22:39

  • 75 ‘

    Lautaro exits and enters Korea. The fourth alternative to Inter.22:46

  • 76 ‘

    Liverpool chance! Sadio Mane crosses the middle for Salah, who is in first place, but hits the post!22:46

  • 80 ‘

    Liverpool maneuvered into the midfield while keeping the ball, and Inter pressed the Reds in search of the right hole to restart.22:44

  • 83 ‘

    Çalhanoğlu exits, and Vicino enters. The fifth and final alternative to Inter.22:48

  • 83 ‘

    Diogo Jota exits, Luis Diaz enters. The third switch to Liverpool.22:49

  • 85 ‘

    Sticks warnings!22:48

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