Analyze the coloration of the phylogeny with the Corriere della Sera

Analyze the coloration of the phylogeny with the Corriere della Sera

It’s hard not to mention Ely Schlein, who justified more than the term by interviewing him in Vogue. But if today the Corriere della Sera newspaper sends six issues of Color Armochromia to newsstands – the first in combination free of charge on July 14 with the newspaper and Supplement 7, and the other five issues every Friday until August 18 at an additional price of €5.90 each – not only because The Labor secretary pays close attention to the colors she wears, paying professionals to make sure she isn’t wrong, but because the ‘science’ of combinations is up in the air. And in the age of the disciplines, it is not only right to have specialists devoted to this branch of appearance, but welcome to have fun and learn, through summer-style books – albeit impeccable in content – to get around avoiding ‘colour noises’ and defining a palette individual colours.

What color are you? Find out on the beach

The series premiered this afternoon (July 13) at Sala Buzzati, Milan. To speak with volumes author Rossella Migliacchio, guests Laura Rivas (yamamay color specialist) and Marie Fori stylist Rossella Aprea, a journalist from Solferino and fashion expert, called: Maria Teresa Veneziani. And so we discovered what we vaguely felt: Everyone has their own colours, which can be ‘friends’ or ‘enemies, and sometimes pair up in a virtuous way. But knowing them is not like reading a stellar ephemeris.
Migliaccio, who has been dealing with this subject professionally for ten years, uses Madin’s tools for science, the history of customs, and culture in general. Because form is also matter, although living in a period – according to experts – does not make the monk’s dress. One can belong to four basic color categories, those of the seasons, with which Rossella Migliaccio has grouped – to give an idea – four icons: Marilyn Monroe for spring, Grace Kelly for summer, Sophia Loren for autumn and Audrey Hepburn for winter . The color scheme, as the author believes, improves life, not just the image. Choosing the right colors — for skin, for eyes, for stamina, so sure I don’t know what a character’s expression is — can help change.
And speaking of colours, also returning to Schlein Estate or the white currently favored by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the evolution of the coveted pastel hues with which she shared her campaign could become a beach game: what color is yours? A way to make friends or get to know each other better, as it happens with the signs of the zodiac.

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Of course, it is curious that it is the first newspaper in Italy to publish the color scheme, and to some—not us—that may seem like a half-betrayal of Solferino’s style. Imagining director Luciano Fontana as a gunsmith is actually quite the type. But if Paolo Meli has been referred to, among his predecessors, as “the director who put the miniskirt on the Corriere”, nothing sexy if Fontana added a touch of colour.

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