October 3, 2022

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Science and air quality at work: Enea and Cnr on the “Viepi” project

Assessment of the health effects of atmospheric particulate levels in relation to the microclimate in different indoor working environments. This is the aim of my studyEnel With InesAnd the Sapienza University of RomeAnd the University of Cagliari And the Cnr. This is a new scientific investigation within our project VIEPI – Integrated assessment of internal particulate exposure. Which deals with the study of correlations between measurements of particles in the atmosphere and microclimatic conditions in indoor environments, to understand the effects related to occupational exposures.Armando Pelliccioni, researcher inEnel and scientific coordinator of VIEPI . project. “For Enea, this is the first project that sees it involved in the issue of air quality in confined environments, such as the work and study environment. Our task will deal, in particular, with the toxicological analysis of nanoparticles,” he explains Maria Giusepa GrollinoAnd the Researcher in the Health and Environment Laboratory in Enya. The concentration of pollutants can vary over time and depends not only on the nature of the sources but also on ventilation and the habits and activities of the occupants themselves. Furthermore, exposure is an essential aspect in assessing the effects of air pollution. In industrialized countries, especially in urban environments, the population spends more than 90% of their time indoors, i.e. in the home, office, cars and places of education such as schools and universities. “In recent years there has been a need to deepen knowledge about indoor pollution, particularly in the face of the increase in scientific evidence of adverse effects on human health. That is why – The researcher confirms fromEnel We decided to further investigate this aspect of pollution by starting a new collaboration, which provides an integrated study of workers’ exposure to atmospheric particles in indoor environments, with experimental numerical simulations of dynamic fluid fields and focus, on a real and laboratory scale, and chemical, morphological and toxicological characterization of fine and nanoparticles “.

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