Rebirth of Natascia Zagato

Alessio Tannone’s ex-girlfriend posted a selfie on her Instagram profile that highlights her beauty and enviable physique. All accompanied by the phrase Frida Kahlo inviting you to love yourself.

Experiment temptation island Life has changed Natascia Zagato. Primarily because of the relationship she had with him Alessio Tannone, with whom she participated in the reality show, did not pass the test on the island of temptations, and secondly because at the end of this summer she moved to Rome with Jessica Maccheroni, who is also a former competitor of temptation island. The two share the same house and spend a lot of time together between evenings and events. It can be said that they became best friends. They are also connected with the fact that they came out solo from the island of temptations. But both have rediscovered the smile and the way they quietly live their freedom.

Natascia She is very dedicated to herself and in the last selfie she posted on Instagram, she showed herself in all of her pictures Beauty Wrapped in a sexy leather sheath dress that accentuates the neckline. All accompanied by a phrase attributed to the painter Frida Kals:

If with heels you will see yourself high, with your love for yourself you will see yourself as enormous.

Undoubtedly a reference to his reign Interior rebuilding After the end of the story with Alessio.

The story with Alessio Tanoni


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Natascia Zagato She was born in 1990 in Potenza Pesina. After graduating from Liceo Socio Psico Pedagogico in Recanati, Natascia attended the School of Beauticians and is currently doing the profession for which she studied. about the love life from Natascia Zagato We know he had three other important relationships before he knew Alessio Tannone, younger than 7 years old.

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Natasha always suspected that in the last times of her relationship with Alessio she had another woman on her mind, but this assumption was never confirmed by the boy. after effect Dianera Marzano Talk about a flirtation between Alessio Tannone and the singer my nights Near the end of this summer. A flirtation that was never formalized, even if the other two got caught together. A few hours ago, Alessio confirmed that he is single. Like his ex-wife.

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