Piero Fogliati exhibition at the Tempesta Gallery in Milan

Piero Fogliati exhibition at the Tempesta Gallery in Milan

Geometry becomes a tool for recreating endangered natural elements in the urban environment. The works shown at Tempesta Gallery start from this premise

to understand works Piero Fogliatti (Canelli, 1930 – Turin, 2016) It is necessary first to know the personal and poetic. Born in the countryside but living in the city, he realizes that in urban reality nature has been sacrificed. Then he combines this feeling with his passion for engineering, he imagines an ideal place, the magnificent city, where he wants, through machines placed in the urban fabric, to recreate the elements of nature that disappear in the city.
I am a scientist who betrays scienceThis is what the artist says about himself, because he makes not machines for consumers but mechanical elements with the aim of beautifying cities and making them livable.

Piero Fogliati, Prima Mechanico, 1992, attributed to Marco Saporetti

Piero Fogliatti Gallery, Milan

Upon entering the premises of the Tempesta Gallery in Milan, we are greeted by Fleximophone, also known as acoustic sculpting, which has harmonic steel springs attached to a plate suspended from the ceiling: once moved, it makes a sound similar to wind noise. We can then see a file breathing machine, consisted of a connecting rod that moved a cylinder, creating air that was directed into two tubes and thus giving the illusion of a live machine. We also meet with A independent domainor rather, a machine conceived by the artist as a kind of watchtower that in a wonderful cityThanks to its ability to always program itself in a different way, all other devices are randomly activated.
in electrical evolution A loop suspended from a nylon thread is driven by a motor, which evokes a moving object suspended in space.
We also find a file Kinetic detectorin which an artificial light projector lights a rope which, by oscillation, produces all the colors of the light spectrum. mechanical prism It is similar, but instead of a rope there is a disk that, by rotating, refracts a beam of light.
Offer ends with Luminous progressionthe job confuses the viewer As the disc hit by the light beam creates a distorted and ripple effect on the wall which suggests the idea of ​​multiple objects in space.

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