Pia don’t know what to do…

Pia don’t know what to do…

Let’s discover together the previews of La Promessa, a TV series broadcast from Monday to Friday on Canale 5: here are the summaries of the episode that will be broadcast tomorrow, Monday 3 July 2023.

In the’episode d The Promise to Monday, July 3, 2023The situation will become more complicated. pious I won’t know what to do: Is it time to terminate the pregnancy? He risks losing his job… In addition to, Manuel will clearly say that he does not want to marry Jimena … But let’s find out together what it reveals in detail progress from bet that will be broadcast tomorrow in 2.45 p.m on Channel 5.

The promise is made: will Koro marry Jimena?

Tomorrow’s events will start after that Kuro arrives at La Promesa and Jana tries to talk him down. Unfortunately, even if the girl was convinced that it was her brother who stole from her when she was a child, the meeting turned out to be disappointing: The boy has a really bad attitude with the little girl. during tomorrow’s episode Kuro will realize that Cruz hates himEven if he didn’t understand why. In addition to, Leonor She seems very interested in her cousin. Now she has begun to live with her love Mauro also wants to create other couples and intends to arrange a marriage between Curro and Jimena.

Promise in Advance: Did Paia Have an Abortion?

Jimena arrives at the estate, and Manuel does not understand why From His Presence: Why is He There? The motive is simple: De Logan wants their son to marry the widowTo take his dowry in his pocket. However, the boy makes it quite clear He does not intend to marry his wife’s sister And they bow down to their yoke. In addition to, Jana loves.…the interest will then shift piouskisa: The waitress is in a really terrible situation because You don’t know if the pregnancy should be terminated.

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Jana supports Pia on the July 3rd episode

Pia was raped by the Baron and became pregnant: The child she is expecting is not the fruit of love, but rather the result of abuse she has been subjected to. Also, women know that The moment she gives birth she will be fired and she can’t afford it. On the one hand, she is not sure that she wants an abortion. Jana comes to help her. What is the girl thinking?

The Promisethe Spanish series, is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 2.45pm on Channel 5.

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