New increases coming for diesel

New increases coming for diesel

The moment of apparent stagnation in diesel prices is coming to an end. The oil crisis and the difficulties in finding diesel fuel make insiders worry a lot. Let’s try to see what will happen in the coming months and what are the most likely scenarios.

Diesel alert in Italy and throughout Europe. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) le reserves at a minimum All over the world and countries like Pakistan are already reducing hours and days of activity due to fuel shortages. Until now The diesel price travels at 1.78 euros per litreabout 10 cents more than gasoline.

The situation is worrying and could get worse: let’s explore the issue together in the following article.

Diesel skyrocketing: when will it go up in Italy too?


The crisis surrounding diesel and the future price of the fuel could be devastating. Indeed, the words of industry experts do not bode well: according to Dario Scaffardi, former number one of Saras Refinery For the Moratti family, a future diesel prices As the biggest crisis the industry has ever seen.

It only took a matter of days before prices skyrocketed in Italy, too. L’International Energy Agency He said that this is a serious crisis, the next one that Europe will have to face after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Diesel crisis: how to solve it?


Let’s see now How to solve the problem of diesel crisis in Italy. It is now an established practice that the price of diesel is higher than that of gasoline, now by about 10 cents. However, experts point out that the solution to combating price hikes is higher prices themselves, allowing the value of fuel to stabilize.

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So it will be true similar to seeing Diesel again above 2 euros per literWhile for gasoline, there is more uncertainty.

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