Personal towards farewell, who is he

Personal towards farewell, who is he

Three months remain until the debut of “Il Paradiso delle Signore 8”. One of the characters is ready to say goodbye: let’s find out who will leave the cast.

Many Italian viewers are waiting for the eighth season of “Il Paradiso delle Signore”. In recent weeks, there have been many spoilers for fans of the Italian series. Among those too Possible farewell to one of the most famous characters. So let’s go and see the latest spoilers from the Rai1 TV series.

A potential farewell that will shock viewers – Credits: Ansa Foto –

The Ladies’ Paradise 8 has officially launched its productions. The cast of the popular TV series returned to the set to shoot the new season It will start showing on Rai 1 in September 2023. Many members of the cast shared their excitement about Videa back to school on social media. Pietro Masotti, Francesca Del Fa, Alessandro Tersini, and many more have all posted photos and videos showing themselves in the shoes of their beloved characters. However, an important confirmation is still missing: that of actor Massimo Poggio, translator of Ezio Colombo.

Poggio’s absence and involvement in another project seems to suggest that Ezio’s character may leave the scene. During filming, the set of photos allowed viewers to peek behind the scenes and capture moments from their favorite actors. Recently, Filippo Scarafia shared a photo on Instagram that depicts five other actors in a downtime. But among these, Massimo Poggio will be missing. So let’s see if Ezio Colombo will leave the soap salon.

The Paradise of the Ladies 8, Ezio Can Say Goodbye: Latest Previews

Among the actors present in the various photos posted Massimo Poggio, the face of Ezio Colombo, is missing on social media. As viewers will remember, in Season 7 Ezio faced personal hardships, including separation from his wife Gloria and the betrayal of his partner Veronica, who is responsible for Irene’s departure. So let’s see what can happen in the new season.

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The actor can leave the cast in the new season – Credits: Ansa Foto –

Personal absence in the last season and The actor’s absence from the set of new episodes seems to signal, at least for the time being, a farewell to Ezio Colombo.. Despite this, the writers’ decision on the character remains a mystery. Ezio only managed to appear in the first few episodes and then left Milan for good and joined his wife Gloria and daughter Stefania in the United States. Or it may not appear at all.

Further confirmation in this sense came directly from Massimo Poggiowho announced his engagement on the set of the feature film BFF Best Friends Forever, a black comedy starring Anna Verzetti and Ambra Angiolini. This announcement makes Poggio’s potential return to the series uncertain Ladies’ paradise. So now all that remains is to wait for September to discover the truth in the new episodes of Il Paradiso delle Signore.

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