CatSalut compensates the parents of a child who became paralyzed after a minor surgery with 1.5 million euros.

CatSalut compensates the parents of a child who became paralyzed after a minor surgery with 1.5 million euros.

Luca is a five-year-old boy who stayed behind paralyzed One dimension Simple surgery It goes without saying that it was a simple matter that he underwent when he was only one year old. The intervention was carried out at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital and now, the insurance company of the Catalan Health Services Authority (Cat Health) He agreed to pay the parents A Compensation of one and a half million euros.

A week before the operation, Luca celebrated his first birthday and was a healthy boy. “He just started walking”He remembers his father, Oscar. I only had to go through the operating room once TesticleA process that involves lowering the testicle into the scrotum. At first, he only had to stay in the hospital for two or three hours and then he could go home as usual. But he suffered in the process infection By E. coli bacteria, despite doctors They didn't notice.

The next day, the parents returned to the hospital because the child was not feeling well, and that is where they considered it Second medical error. It took the specialists who treated her son several days to figure out what had happened, and when they did, it happened Too late. Not Luca and Batia hemiplegia He would later develop one Hydrocephalus.

The consequences this has on a child day after day are incalculable. “He has no sphincter control and we have to do it every three hours probe “To be able to urinate and defecate,” his father explained, for example. “After hydrocephalus, they laid down Head valve You have to be very careful not to bump into it. “For a five-year-old, this is a problem because you have to control the games they play,” Oscar added, noting that if they were hit in the head, they would have to run to the hospital. Plus, the parents just assumed he would be there More sequelsLike theScoliosis Which has already begun to suffer.

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Compensation before going to trial

Despite all that, Oscar had to do it stop working To take care of the child. Therefore, they depend only on Carla's mother's salary. A very difficult economic situation, especially considering all the expenses they had to face.

These parents filed a lawsuit in 2021, but set their trial date for January 2024. Because of this, they ended up with Compensation agreement Before the trial, to ensure the financial assistance they desperately needed. “In December 2023 we reached this agreement because The family could not wait any longer “We cannot bear any doubt about what will happen at trial,” explained Luisa Blanco, the association's lawyer. Patient advocateWhich this family attended.

The family and the lawyer consider that paying the million and a half euros entails… Admitting malpractice By the hospital. On the other hand, those from San Juan de Deu deny it. They claim that it has not been proven that there was negligence, but that there was complication It can happen in these cases, which is why they pay compensation.

Whatever the case, Oscar wanted to make one thing perfectly clear: “Luca is very happy and makes us very happy.”.

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