Pension drama, the risk of losing it around the corner: what threatens INPS

Pension drama, the risk of losing it around the corner: what threatens INPS

Many Italians risk losing their pensions due to a certain factor, which would have been unthinkable until a few years ago.

The current Italian pension system faces many problems, some of which are related to the economic aspect, birth rate and increasing life expectancy. The latter actually decomposes Retirement machine gears Italy, because it does not guarantee that the system works efficiently. There is no doubt that the birth rate is one of the most serious problems: having a small number of children therefore means introducing a small number of workers into the social fabric.

Pension, that's what threatens it –

And not only that: a population consisting of very few young people who pay taxes and many elderly people who receive pensions cannot have a rosy future. But in recent years, another problem has been added, which until recently was considered science fiction.

Risk of losing your pension

According to a recent study, the Italian pension system could collapse due to artificial intelligence. The latter is spreading across the board: in fact, most operating sectors want to employ famous artificial brains, in particular To replace some employees. This science fiction technology also has the advantage of being able to operate 24 hours a day and perform in a few minutes what a human can do in working hours. It is therefore a real technological revolution, which can change the present and future of an entire country. However, the frequent use of artificial intelligence will certainly create many new problems.

Artificial intelligence in the world of retirement – ​​

Some industry experts have asked themselves the question: If all companies hire AI-equipped robots, who will pay taxes to the state? Today, the so-called “ErBev” collects about 200 billion euros annually: 80% of it comes from taxes on income from work. We must also remember that the Italian pension system It needs more than 250 billion euros to support itself. In other words, the complex state machine works thanks to workers who work and pay taxes based on their salaries. If part of the workforce is dispersed, it is clear that the country will not be able to guarantee an ideal balance between income and expenses.

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However, there is another factor that should not be underestimated: the aging of the Italian people. A decrease in the birth rate and an increase in life expectancy leads to an increase in the number of retirees and a decrease in the number of young people. The future of Italy Therefore it can be disastrous If AI also takes control of all the companies spread throughout the Italian territory. In this case, the state will begin to increase taxes on everyone who uses AI robots, with the aim of revitalizing its coffers as much as possible.

However, despite enormous efforts, the government will not be able to recover the same amount it collected annually in the pre-AI era. According to industry experts, the only solution is to cooperate with other countries to create uniform taxes, which could target multinational companies.

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