Now it’s official, here’s the cast –

Now it’s official, here’s the cast –

Via the PlayStation Blog, Sony officially confirmed it today Final Fantasy 16 Sarah Dubbed in Italianalso revealedList of voice actorswhich we report below:

  • Clive Rosefield – Alessandro Capra
  • Joshua Rosefield – Arturo Surino
  • Jill Warrick (child) – Beatrice Marova
  • Jill Warrick (young adult) – Hilaria Silvestri
  • Sedulphus Telamone – Alberto Angressano
  • Benedicta Harmann – Katya Sorrentino
  • Hugo Kupka – Francesco Risi
  • Dion Lesage – Luca Appetite
  • Barnabas Thurmer – Fabrizio Dolce

For those who often follow our news on Final Fantasy 16, perhaps this is not particularly surprising news, given that a few days ago the trailer for Final Fantasy 16 “Vendetta”, dubbed entirely in Italian, appeared on Square Enix’s YouTube channel, thus anticipating the appearance of the trailer The Final Fantasy 16 “Vendetta” trailer is official. Having said that, it’s definitely positive news for shoegazers. By the way Final Fantasy 16 will be The first chapter of the series, dubbed in Italian.

Clive Rosefield, or the protagonist of Final Fantasy 16, will be the voice Alessandro CapraKnown in the field of video games, he has voiced Lucas Baker in Resident Evil 7, Edward Kenway in Assassin’s Creed IV, Conrad in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan and Connor in Detroit: Become Human.

We also mention other local voice actors: Jill Warrick will be played by Ilaria Silvestri (Ivor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla), Cidolfus Telamon by Alberto Angrisano (Gerard Bieri in Horizon Forbidden West), and Benedikta Harman by Katia Sorrentino (Mei in Overwatch, Kate Diaz in Gears Of War, Mary Jane in Marvel’s Spider-Man).

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We remind you that Final Fantasy 16 will be available from June 22, 2023 PS5 exclusive timing. Then it can also reach other platforms.

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