Penalty kick invented in Venice, the decisive var in Salerno: a mock championship?

Penalty kick invented in Venice, the decisive var in Salerno: a mock championship?

It was another fiery weekend for the referees in the First Division, and this time not only in the fight for the Scudetto. If there is an average test in the top challenges manganiellowho sparked in Inter Empoli the two teams’ protests by making some mistakes Intense, in redemption competitions, judging supervision can be very costly. Two matches yesterday against Moviolisti are Venice – Bologna and Salernitana – Cagliari.

Marinelli makes no mistake in Venice’s first penalty

on a race Venice To clarify the questionable episodes is former referee Massimilano Sacani Moviolista Sunday Sports On Rai1, which says: “Referee Marinelli, in Var there is Maggioni. Two episodes must be reported, the first in the 16th minute of the second half: in 1-0 there is the first penalty awarded to Venice, the rule of thumb for a foul by Svanberg outside the area, the ball ends The hubs that stretches the ball to release Skorubsky The Polish goalkeeper knocked him down. Yellow and strict. Correction of the ruling

Marinelli does not review the decision and infuriates Mihajlovic

Then we move on to the penalty kick that angered Mihajlovic. Sacani explains: “In 2-3 there is a penalty equal to Venice, Aramo made the right, in the face of Medel falls, Marinelli whistles the penalty, we note that the assistant No. 2 is in front, from an ideal perspective. Correctly Magione In Var call him to review, from the pictures you can see that Medel moves the ball by touching it, then there is a precise contact with Aramu but not a penalty, we also see how Aramu falls.”

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“Both the referee and the assistant were wrong but not Mouse Who did his job, giving the referee an opportunity to review the photos. No penalty, it’s a huge mistake.

Episode pissed off MihajlovicWho returned to the bench Bologna After more than a month and a half spent in hospital for treatment: “The match was at hand and then this penalty arrived which does not convince me – the Bologna coach said – the referee was good but then he whistled for the penalty I can’t understand, Medell touches the ball and then He might touch Aramu’s foot but that happens two minutes later, he didn’t even touch it.”

Mihajlovic is very difficult Marinelli: “I’m sorry that they also called him on VAR and if they called you on VAR, that means something was wrong. It is strange that at the end of the match the referees are the last to leave, and instead he went in first almost escaping into the locker room in my opinion because He was feeling guilty in a sense.”

Correcting the penalty awarded by De Bello to Salernitana

very very hot racing in Arechi: The direct battle for redemption between Salernitana and Cagliari ended 1-1 with a goal for Sardinia in the 99th minute, but before the referee awarded Di Bello a penalty kick to the club. Salerno And one for guests who wasn’t there and it was cancelled.

Commenting on the issues discussed, former Como referee Luca Marelli of DAZN said: “In the first penalty kick, the friction between Castanos and Lovato It sure is highlighted, not obvious but there it is. De Bello is in control of the movement and in an excellent position, he has an unobstructed viewpoint, and therefore he cannot overrule it.”

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Far Mazzolini saves Di Bello with a penalty kick for Cagliari

Then in full recovery, Di Bello awarded Cagliari a penalty kick for a foul by Seppi on Basile, but he never saw the penalty kick. Lycogyanis on the same leave. Mazzolini of VAR Intervenes, Marelli says: “Seppi was in possession of the ball or not when Licogiannis hit it, that’s what controlled the VAR, only to disallow the penalty. Overall, Di Bello’s performance was very high, he made all the right decisions except Those related to the penalty ring dedicated to Cagliari.”


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