Italian League, De Siervo: “Against piracy. And a special shirt against the murders of women.”

“We are waiting for the happy day when the technology platform can interrupt the hacking event within 30 minutes.” Then he announces: “A special shirt against violence against women, and the team captain will read a poem.”

“A historic battle that Italian football is waging for the entire system at the international level.” These are the words of the CEO Luigi De Siervo, of Serie A, sets out the fight against piracy from the stage of the Social Football Summit scheduled today and tomorrow at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. “The spread of digital technology means that we can commit crimes from our home, comfortably sitting on the sofa, without being aware of criminal activity as such. Fans must understand that if they do not pay they are harming their team: the damage to us due to hacking is more than 300 Million dollars a year, which means that through the fault of those who watch the matches immediately, Roma and Lazio, just for, for example, they have to give up buying one or two samples.”

For the system

After the anti-piracy law was approved in July, according to De Siervo, “We have reached a critical point of synthesis, and we are waiting for the happy day when a technological platform can truly interrupt a piracy event in 30 minutes. If we want our football to be great Again, we have to make sure that everything gets back on track. A lot has been said from a regulatory point of view, and this is a summary point. A lot of good work has been done, with an evolving code and Agcom finalizing a complex operational process, I hope That everything be resolved within the time frame that was proposed to us because the damage is enormous.” He then repeated: “What we are doing is for the benefit of the entire system. Football, which has been so criticized, is doing its job to help everyone. However, I fear that it is also important to target the end user of the piracy platform, as they should be punished with fines of up to 5,000 euros. Unfortunately, I think This is a necessary deterrent given that in Italy on this front there is an absence of a culture of legality. Footballers and presidents must expose themselves personally. Vieri did it but everyone must do it, explaining in less dusty language than mine why this thing is so wrong. “It is a historic battle that concerns everyone and we are fighting it at the international level.”

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Benedetta Liberatore, Director of Digital Services at Agcom, made the point about the popular platform: “We are working to combat live events, but the authority has successfully combated online piracy for 10 years and is doing it systematically. Since September we have blocked 150 sites that violated the rights of “Dazn. Now that the hackers have organized themselves, we are developing a technology platform to intervene very quickly, 30 minutes, and we have been working on it since before the law. Agcom is ready, we have begun the testing phases and the times will be very fast. We cannot afford to fail.”

Combating violence against women

De Siervo then spoke about the health of the Italian League: “We are still being unfairly massacred compared to other leagues. In recent years we have led four different teams to victory and three Italian teams last season reached the three European finals.” : This is proof that we are fine, as are the full stadiums and the ever-increasing audience. Then the investment funds thought above all about the Italian League, which they believe has the greatest margins of growth. Why? “Mainly because of what we haven’t done in the last 20 years, while English and Spanish football have developed earlier and better.” After emphasizing the need to improve Italian systems and glorifying the fact that it was the first to choose to introduce VAR, GLT and semi-automatic offside, as well as building the production center in Lissone and giving life to Serie A radio, Dr. The League announces an important initiative: “We are devastated by the tragedy of Julia Tchichetin. For next week’s matches, we will prepare a special T-shirt against violence against women and the team captain will read a poem. De Siervo added: “We want to make the fans understand in an intelligible way that violent behavior towards anyone “Unacceptable in any way, let alone to the women we say we love,” he said, recalling that the initiative is part of the “Red Campaign” against violence, promoted every year for seven years by the Italian League.

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