Genoa Bari 4-3 final direct match

Genoa Bari 4-3 final direct match

Good evening to all the readers of the Rossoblù website at and welcome to Genoa Bari, the last day of the Serie B championship which will be a natural consequence of the Rossoblù party that will take place inside and outside the Stade Luigi Ferraris before, during and after the match. Kick-off at 20:30, Rutella directs: the referee is in his first year at the disposal of CAN inspired by the late Stefano Farina from Novi Ligure. Click here to access our live match.

History of Genoa Bari 4-3

10.57 pm The Genoa awards ceremony begins: first, the medals are handed over by Alberto Zangrillo and Balata, president of Serie B, to the coaching staff and, accordingly, to all the players. We start with Giuseppe Agostino who made his debut of the evening in a Genoa shirt. Criscito then lifted the Nexus Cup!

90 + 5 degrees It’s over: Genoa Bari 4-3. Stay tuned to for extended match after match, awards ceremony and our live coverage. It was a long and tiring season but ended up like no movie could have imagined. This is football, and we understand why it is the most beautiful sport in the world. Alessandro Legnazzi welcomes you and gives you a date for next year, with Genoa in Serie A!

90 + 5 degrees Rigor Criscito, Dr. And this time Mimmo doesn’t miss the penalty kick under the North Staircase! Genoa 4, Bari 3! This is football! amazing! The entire stadium is crying with Crisito: a year ago he missed a penalty for redemption, today he scores in the same place and under the same stands. Genoese justice has been done

90 + 4 degrees A penalty kick won by an alternative! Jersey pulled by Maiello, the right decision. Everything looks ready for Mimmo Criscito

89 warning Shadira

88 It’s time for Mimmo Criscito to take over: 291st appearance for Genoa, the Ferraris’ stadium awaits

86 Aim sternly. Barry equalized for the third time and scored Chedira: the Moroccan striker had plenty of time to shoot, shoot and slam the ball into the far post. Fogliacco gets angry at the space Genoa gives

80 degrees Out deputies Enters morning

78 degrees Out Sabelli, S. Enters Friendsrup, M.; The Roman full-back gets out of his legs, but he can’t help but get angry

76 Problems for Sapelli who falls to the ground after handing the ball to Ikoban: clearly sore in his knee after the previous foul by Ruben Botha

75 degrees Gul Ecoban, C. EUROGOAL FROM EKUBAN! Last masterpieces tonight! The striker kicks the ball perfectly and hits the far post

74 Genoa announces turnout tonight, the second of the season behind the record with Ascoli: 32,258 present, of which 20,239 are season ticket holders and 1,2019 tickets sold (603 guests from Bari)

69 warning Explosion. Bad entry for Sapelli, yellow is a bargain for the Argentine

68 Target Benedetti. An equalizer through Bari who would have interpreted this stage of the game best: Leonardo Benedetti put the ball into the seven from the edge of the penalty area, another great goal of the evening but in a very negative defensive phase for Genoa.

66 Out Antinucci Enters Shadira

66 Out Dorval Enters Explosion

65 Out Koda, M.; Enters Ecoban, C.

65 Out Salcedo, E.; Enters Puskas, c.

59 warning Strutman, K.; The Dutchman will miss the first official match of next season

53 Goal ball for Genoa: Jagiello corner kick for Dragusin Tower who backs up Gudmundsson who hits the net without fail but Fratale refuses

48 Ferraris have certainly changed their appearance: the celebrations for Sampdoria’s relegation to Serie B (with a palpable risk of failure) begin in the year of Genoa’s promotion to Serie A. Curie joked: “Hands off Sampdoria!” And then: “And Sampdoria is gone!” Even a choir from the North Staircase to the notes of Luigi Tenko’s “Ciao, amore, ciao”: “Ciao, Sampdoria, ciao!”

46 Out Malamo Enters Molina

21:44 to the second half of Genoa Bari

45 + 2 degrees First half: Genoa Bari 2-1

45 I was given two minutes of extra time in this very interesting first half

42 Dragusin misses offside, a offside motion to Scheidler who from a good position doesn’t overtake and makes Martinez’s save easy.

41 Chest stop and fallen ball finale: Koda tries but Barry blocks

37 Genoa is in complete control of the game, another Gudmundsson shot from distance: Fratale dives back

35 degrees Ironically, while Gudmundsson was recording, this banner appeared on the North Staircase

34 Jules Gudmundson, A.;gooool! Goole! Albert Gudmonson! Icelandic pearl! Another pass from Coda who makes a high ball, traces in the center where Gudmundsson Salcedo expects, turns in an amen and hits Fratale under the crossbar: a beautiful goal from the player of the year according to the readers of who obviously knows how to recognize quality

32 Malamo succeeds in substituting tempo, a motion in the middle for Esposito who cuts the ball but sends it high over the bar: Martinez was there

XX Esposito’s goal.Barry equalized with a great conversion from an inactive ball by Sebastiano Esposito: a frontal shot, a flat shot with a stiff ankle in the style of David Luiz and Thiago Silva (like many Brazilians, they usually hit the ball because when they were children, they were barefoot. On the street, they were afraid from scratching the sole of the foot on asphalt or stones)

19 Rotella’s free-kick to Bari: Sapelli foul on Malamo The whistle was blown when the Genoa full-back took the lead. According to the regulations, Sabelli was warned

fourteenth warning scheidler

twelveth Gul Sabelli, S.GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Golazo de Sabelli! Genoa at an advantage! High recovery, Coda assists Sabelli who reaches for the ball, opens the crosses and puts the ball in with his right foot in the seven! An amazing performance by the former Bari full-back who, in fact, does not rejoice: on the other hand, the coach Gilardino smiles happy

VIII Genoa is approaching the lead: Dorval gives the ball to Gudmundsson, who tames it from the box and kicks with his right foot, looking for a corner, and the ball goes out.

20:36 Synchronicity is expected in all Serie B stadiums, everything is ready for Genoa and Bari, let’s go! good fun

8.32pm A minute’s silence for the victims of the tragic floods that occurred in recent days in Emilia-Romagna

20:29 The Rossoblo dance appears in the separating segments with the words “In Serie A this wonderful city” while in the North Staircase stands a giant “A” surrounded by 9 badges and the Italian Cup

20:26 Brech finished the live performance of “Guasto d’amore,” the song about Genoa that drives Rossoblo fans crazy

Mr. Gilardino to Sky: «Tonight we are facing a team that fought with us for direct promotion to Serie A, we know their qualities but we want to finish the match in the best way while maintaining the same attitude. Humility, sacrifice and fun in playing football. Our fans will perform amazing dances, it will be beautiful. I take this opportunity to meet about the people of Emilia-Romagna »

Ferraris Stadium is ready to party Genoa and more. There is a lot of folklore and “menaggio” against the other team from Genoa that has been relegated to Serie B. For example, in the stands there is “El Fantasmita de la B” from Buenos Aires, Boca district …

Genoa Boca Juniors
Boca Juniors ghosts for Sampdoria relegation (Photo by Sergio Brignardello)

Mister Gilardino returns to a four-legged defense due to Bani’s disqualification and Elsanker’s sub-optimal conditions: Gudmundsson behind Salcedo and Koda, the starting jersey for Jagiello while Criscito will take charge during the match. Barry takes the field with a 4-3-1-2 full of second lines in light of the playoff semi-finals: Cheddira, Di Cesare and Bellomo off the bench, space in Scheidler’s attack

Good evening to all the readers of Rossoblù at and welcome to Genoa-Bari, the last match of the Serie B championship and Mimmo Criscito’s last match as a player: best regards from Alessandro Legnazzi

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