Gf Vip 6, Franco Bortuzzo returns to talk about Lulu Selassié

Gf Vip 6, Franco Bortuzzo returns to talk about Lulu Selassié

What Franco PortozzoCamel Manuel Portozzo He didn’t like it at all Lulu Selassie It’s something that has always been known.

But since when? came the press release handle With the official mode of rest Between his son and the Ethiopian princess, various reports emerged about the alleged causes of the crisis. To tell him it was the same lulu So, in an interview with the Weekly from-Expose all the background behind the breakup. there Selassie In fact, he repeated, once again, how it was the interference of third parties that ruined their relationship. In particular, he specifically made accusations of Franco Portozzo Accusing him of obstructing their love several times:

Although I was friendly, they didn’t see them open. In fact, the father did everything for my race. And from the first moment. So are the friends who couldn’t stand me. They must have done pretty good brainwashing because even two days ago we were together, we celebrated seven months, we woke up together.

The princess also revealed how her father’s constant presence did not allow her two friends to have a minimum level of privacy:

There was never privacy, father Manuel He was going down all the time, he was very intrusive. a house Manuel It is separated from the father by a spiral staircase: it is not that the father had to ring or ring the bell, he just came down. Maybe we’ve had intimate moments and he’ll arrive suddenly. was the reason. Without his father, Manuel and I would still be together.

To these statements, A. Borzozo He was not there and had his say in their relationship Manuel And lulu. to pages new In fact, he declared that he did not put his beak between the two:

I don’t want to play with gossip. I have never commented so much on my son’s story. I admit it: I have always been present in his life, but I do not like to interfere in his personal affairs. What is certain is that parents eventually see us for a very long time.

That last sentence seems like a fossil just for her sake A princess Selassie Which, again according to what Mr. Borzozovery different from the son’s former girlfriends:

Get to know your ex-girlfriends ManuelI can tell it deviates a bit in terms of lifestyle…

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