Parma in the Italian League, promotional party: video and photos

Parma in the Italian League, promotional party: video and photos

Thanks to the draw with Bari, Pecchia celebrated and returned to Serie A three years later: promotion was reached two days early at the end of a well-controlled tournament. The third ascent of Bequia after Verona and Cremonese. The whole party is waiting for the team to return to the city

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the party It started and will continue for a long time, A Parmato well-deservedly celebrate the team's return to League. After three years of absenceThus, the blue color returns to the first degree. The 1-1 draw was decisive Saint Nicholas against the Barry: Advantage of BonnieBarry's counterpart From Caesar. One point is enough to reach the mark Account promotion 2 days ago. And to celebrate a well-deserved goal, at the end of a season dominated by the team: in 36 matches, Parma have achieved 74 points so far, with 21 wins, 11 draws and only 4 defeats. 64 goals were scored and 33 goals were conceded. Numbers that therefore deserve a return to the Italian League for Parma.

Parma is in the Italian League, the third division of Pecchia

the party It started with the final whistle in the stadium Saint Nicholas to Barrythen continued on Closed rooms com.yellowblue. I will continue tonight with The team is expected in town already in the eveningTo embrace their fans who have waited three years for their return to the Italian League. This is a goal that was achieved under supervision Fabio PecchiaNow an expert in promotions: with this win just now with Parma, The coach is on his third promotion from B to A Of his still young career. Because he has already achieved this feat Verona In 2017 and then in 2022 with Cremonese. He left the club (and the Italian league in which he would play) to sit on the bench at Parma. Who is now returning to the Italian League with him and thanks to him.

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Becchia: “My most difficult promotion is with Parma”

He added: “A very complicated tournament until the end: obtaining 73 points two days before the end of the season and remaining in the competition for promotion was evidence that the second division league is a difficult tournament.” like Fabio Pecchia a Sky Sports He talked about the promotion he got at Bari with Parma. “We faced strong competitors who motivated us: there is joy now but there is a lot of fatigue. I felt a desire to embrace every boy, even those on the sidelines, for the work done. It is a victory for the club. The promotion obtained at Verona was very complex, and continued to the end. In Cremona it was like a beautiful fairy tale. This match against Parma was the most difficult

ParmAgain, the promotional party

Parma again. We are in the Italian League! “With 21 wins and 11 draws, this team showed their great value and strength to win, today, a well-deserved promotion on the pitch, alongside our amazing fans.” This is what he wrote on his website – after the 1-1 draw. there is chance BarryThe Emilian club is celebrating its return among the greats of football, and it is called “ParmAgain”, meaning Parma’s return to the Italian League. Parma last played in Serie A in the 2020/21 season, which finished last in the world rankings. The following season in the second division ended in 12th place, while Parma stopped last year in the play-off semi-finals and lost to them. Cagliari Then he was promoted to Serie A. Today he is a newcomer to the first division.

Balata: Parma deserved the second division, the Italian League is exciting

Today was an exceptional day in League TwoWith amazing results, beautiful matches played from the first minute to the last, amazing goals. “It confirms that it is the most unpredictable tournament in Europe and is a source of great satisfaction.” And so, President Second division league Mauro Balata lives in Sky Sports 24. “sI'm happy for Parma, a club that deserves this result: I started an important project It has a very important boss in Kyle Krause at the top. It is doing so much and creating a model for an exceptional community, which will certainly position itself for a bright futureThen in the last two days of Program B: “I was telling some of the bosses that I have a very specialized cardiology team (laughs, editor), because the emotions we are experiencing are incredible. And today was the day of sublimation. I followed Direct target It was unbelievable. “The further we get, the more the feel of the games, and then there will be a postseason.”

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