Paris Saint-Germain wants to sell Neymar, but he is a prisoner of his politics

Paris Saint-Germain wants to sell Neymar, but he is a prisoner of his politics

The Brazilian does not want to leave and it is difficult in any case to find buyers for a player who earns 222 million euros and receives a total of 50 million annually.

“We want more French youngsters, players who can be proud of this shirt and a team that is more focused on teamwork”: that was enough. This is the words of Nasser Al-Khelaifi To stir up rumors in France about a possible sale of Neymar by Paris Saint-Germain. In fact, they have been strays for several weeks now stalking each other over the departure of the Brazilian who, not surprisingly, made things clear at the end of May declaring publicly Who wanted to stay in Paris.

Upon a specific question, the PSG president performed a dribble worthy of O’ Ney (“Some players will arrive, The others will leave But I can’t talk about those things with the media”) but, even if he wanted to let go of the 30-year-old, he could face a path that is perhaps more difficult than the one that only revamped Mbappe when he was one step closer to saying yes. To Real Madrid.

Because Paris Saint-Germain looks like “prisoner” To their own policies, the politics of overpaid stars that are hard to let go of. It has really happened over the years, with numbers – in terms of price and salary – quite different, with different Icardi, Paredes, Draxler or Kurzawa. The truth is that in Europe no one will invest 80-100 million euros and above all will ensure that Gross salary of €49 million per year To Neymar, returning from a lull season among other things. And the season of 1992 is still too young to end up in MLS or Qatar.

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A concept well expressed by Joan Laporta who said not so long ago: “Who doesn’t love Neymar? He’s an exceptional player but when these players sign for PSG, it’s like that.” How did they get imprisoned?. To come to Barcelona, ​​they must arrive on a free transfer because we cannot afford certain costs. And even if we had the money to do these operations, it would be illogical to carry them out.”

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