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In Padova and Rovigo 5.8 million euros to search on several fronts. From medicine to society, 16 out of 249 funded projects have been submitted. “Proof of vitality, we need to do more and more”

If you want proof that everything but everything can (and should) be the subject of scientific reseach You can scroll through the list you go from clam farm care (It might sound like a niche topic, but for Po Delta economics it’s not at all) to a title like “Why does it keep rising? Psychology of the reasons why people are unable to manage their debts. But the list is much longer and includes Topics like genomics and neurotransmitters, Padua settlements before the Romans, investments for energy transmission, and others.

They are some of those who Caribaro Foundation confirms the intervention line Always pursued, it has just been handed over to the scientific research conducted in Counties of Padua and Rovigo Total budget of 5.8 million euros: in particular 4 million at the end of the call for “distinguished scientific research” and 1.8 million directly for a three-year research project Advanced Biomedical Research Foundation – FEM on aging brain diseases, heart disease, and lymphoma, all apparently unrelated but in fact linked – discovered – with common underlying mechanisms.

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“I remember that our Foundation – confirmed President Gilberto Moraro while presenting assignments – has He also invested the €2 million saved last year to research Covid 19; It continues to invest heavily in scientific research because we believe it is an essential asset for the development of society. He continued: Our lands undoubtedly have advantages in this area of ​​a human and organizational nature. The abundance and quality of scientific works The presentation on this occasion confirms a great creativity and productivity on the part of researchers. Behind all these actions are women and men who dedicate their lives with determination and stubbornness to finding solutions so that each of us can live better.”

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The call for distinguished scientific research witnessed a presentation 249 projects Referring to 3 holistic areas: Natural sciences and engineering (1.4 million euros), Life science (1.7 million euros) e Humanities and Social Sciences (900,000 euros). At the end of the evaluation process conducted by 3 committees, made up of 35 experts and 78 international auditors, all entirely outside the institution, the projects selected for funding were finally accepted 16 out of 39 were accepted in the final stage and – as mentioned – range of studies on mitochondrial sensitivity To the relationship between genomes and longevity, from the study of violent climatic events to the psychological drivers of human action, to the distant history of our lands.

«Very high overall – the commission emphasized – the quality of the selected works, many of which were achieved Obtained from international reviewers A score above 80/100. The large number of submitted projects testifies to the vitality of the research as a value as a whole and the fact that the proposals were 15 times more than those that could be funded is an affirmation of the How much is necessary to invest more and more, on the part of everyone, on research as an essential tool for improving society and the quality of life.”

Researchers and university departments will be able to participate in the selected works – their main reference being the University of Padua, in any case to establish Partnership with other organizations even outside the region for the institution. To facilitate dissemination of results within the scientific community, each project involves creating a dedicated website and publishing the data produced.

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