March 29, 2023

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Overwatch 2, auto-purchase error resolved but no refunds –

The Auto purchase error of skins and stuff on Monitor 2 I was solved From Blizzard via a hotfix release, but it seems the publisher has no intention of releasing any Refunds about it.

This was revealed by a user testimonial who reported his experience in a Reddit post, telling him how he found the Overwatch 2 bug and how it instantly turned into Technical Support Trying to cancel purchases made involuntarily.

A request that went unheeded at the time, and then came on October 7Modernization Which solves the problem but there were no further connection attempts by Blizzard.

The user wrote: “It appears that the latest hotfix released on October 7 has fixed the chat bug that was causing this issue.” “Although I received no compensation and doubt I ever will, using in-game chat while browsing the Hero Gallery should now be safe.”

Meanwhile, Blizzard is working to fix Overwatch 2 server issues, after confirming a second DDoS attack that complicated the start of the game, helping to create long queues.

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