Outside the team, Black Badge Club

Outside the team, Black Badge Club

Mourning for Mario LeminaThe former Juventus midfielder lost his father. He was actually hospitalized for a long time due to an illness that ended his life. Today in a match Premier League against theEvertonHe wasn't even called as the entire team took to the field and mourned with their arms crossed. In the last match against Chelsea, Lemina dedicated his goal to his father, revealing the complicated circumstances in which he actually found himself. Confirmation of the death of Lemina's father reached Wolves' social media channels, which offered condolences to the Gabonese midfielder.

Sincerity Wolverhampton

On Instagram social profile, Wolverhampton He wanted to offer his condolences to Lemina With the post: “Our thoughts are with Mario Lemina after his father passed away yesterday morning. The entire group sends love and sympathy to Mario and his family. Mario's teammates will wear black armbands today to honor his father's memory“.

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