“Osimhen and Mertens together? There is an aspect to take care of”

we are eve Barcelona – NaplesA highly anticipated challenge European League Which will be held tomorrow at 6:45 pm in a wonderful atmosphere at the Camp Nou. Just a few minutes ago wire in a Press Conference Luciano SpallettiThe blue coach who has a underlined Different sides tooattacks from his team.

Naples Spalletti (Getty Images)

Spalletti: “We always need balance”

Luciano SpallettiSo, he spoke at the press conference about the situation Lozanowho is still out due to injury, the possibility of living with Mertens and Osmen In the attack section:

How much weight will the absence of Lozano be?
“We have everything it takes to be the usual Napoli. The team cannot depend on just one player, because without this player you will lose the identity of the team. When Lozano returns he will give us the quality of his shots and goals, but Napoli can make up for anything Absence“.

Can Mertens and Osmen play together?
When we selected the initial teamAnd We have tried to put players who can always play together. I’d also like to put our taga between them Who can play both Osimhen and Mertens? Obviously we have to think about the whole game and what can determine the choices, there are team balances that we have to take into account. What is important is that the whole team knows how to move based on what is in front of us.”

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