“Now I’m a real street urchin.”

“Now I’m a real street urchin.”

Manfredi and the correct confession

“I think that granting Naples citizenship to Spalletti is the appropriate recognition of a great personality who gave so much to the city and who loved Naples so much, but who is also very loved by the city. “Today is a day of celebration and recognition of the work that has been done, but also a day of wishing for a very positive future, first and foremost for Napoli, but also for the national team that Spalletti is coaching today.” This was announced by Naples Mayor Gaetano Manfredi, leaving Maschio Angioino as coach of the Naples Championship.

The future of Maradona Stadium

Regarding the future of the stadium bearing the name of Diego Armando Maradona, “All discussions are open with Napoli President De Laurentiis, because we need to put the result in the center.” We must have a great stadium for the city and for the fans, so we must always have dialogue, which is in the interest of the citizens,” said Mayor Manfredi at the end of the honorary citizenship ceremony for Spalletti.

Farewell Spalletti

“why did you leave? “It’s a discussion that’s a little deeper and deserves more time. It’s something that I regret too, but I wanted to preserve that beauty that was in my heart and not question it right away, because it’s something that no one can feel unless they’ve experienced it firsthand as I’ve experienced it.” This was stated by the Italian national team coach and former Napoli coach, Luciano Spalletti, on the sidelines of the ceremony granting honorary citizenship to Naples.

De Laurentiis promised

After his speech, Spalletti released a celebratory video of his triumphant journey with Napoli, a video that moved everyone and also put a smile on the face of President De Laurentiis: “Seven months ago we were working between Italy and the United States to produce four years of film on the Italian League, Luciano was very good. “In condensing everything into a few minutes.” Then he promises: “We will give our people this other unique experience, but I promise you that it will be repeatable. You can only win every year by cheating, but we will win again. Spalletti is a great motivator, and I hope he will return the national team to the greatness it has already witnessed. And be careful, by accepting this citizenship you will no longer be able to withdraw it every time we need advice, and you will remain our permanent advisor. He will no longer be able to betray us.”

Spalletti’s emotion

Visibly moved, Spalletti thanks the mayor and council. “And I thank all the people working in Naples, Director Giuntoli and President De Laurentiis who is here. But above all, the footballers, the creators of this beauty that appeared a year ago. This citizenship bears witness to the human bond that has arisen with the city, and that is what matters most to me. When Becoming coach of Napoli, I believed that having a full stadium to support us was essential. I was told from many quarters that this might be impossible. Two years ago, Maradona Stadium was full of Blue Hearts, and that is one of my greatest victories. Our presence here today – a city, a community – means that “Uniting all is the best way to make the people of Naples happy. Naples is now my home, and I officially live on the street from this moment on.”

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Here citizenship is granted

Here is the long-awaited announcement: Luciano Spalletti has officially become a citizen of Naples!

Mayor Manfredi’s speech

All members of the City Council were on their feet at the end of the tribute to Professor Siciliano. And now the word goes to Mayor Gaetano Manfredi: “It is a beautiful day for our city. We wanted so badly to be here. Winning a championship here is something more than in other cities. This adventure was an exceptional opportunity to remind the world that Naples is a winning city. It’s been a long road, twenty years of corporate management. A team that entertains everyone. “A moment of joy also for those who were tourists in this city and became fans of the Azzurri.”

Honoring Professor Siciliano

Professor Bruno Siciliano’s letter of praise begins: “Football is a source of inspiration for the people of Naples, and in two years Spalletti has made us experience strong feelings, he has better understood the character of the city in a protective way. “A match is a box full of many things,” Spalletti always said. An effervescent and European game that reflects the new face of the city. A unique symbiosis of Tuscan irony and Neapolitan spirit. “By interpreting the thoughts of all Neapolitans, I consider Spalletti a symbol of brotherhood for all.”

Honoring Professor Siciliano

Mayor Manfredi assigned the honor to Professor Bruno Siciliano, Academician and Scientific Communicator, Professor of Automatic Control at the University of Naples Federico II, Director of the Icarus Center and Coordinator of the Prisma Laboratory at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, also as an inspiration for the Robotics Section of the latest edition of Maker Faire Rome.

Return of King Lucian

King Lucian left Naples around June 10 with the crown on his head. He still has it. No one expelled him from the throne. Yesterday the Gazzetta dello Sport awards ceremony, today honorary citizenship in record time: before him, in football, only Maradona and Pisaola.

The concert is broadcast live

The ceremony of granting honorary citizenship to Luciano Spalletti will be broadcast live. Naples Mayor Gaetano Manfredi, council members and city council members attended.

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