Osimene injury, Napoli-Fiorentina match update

Osimene injury, Napoli-Fiorentina match update
Osimhen injured Napoli Fiorentina

Osimene’s injury, it is hot hours to understand whether the blue striker will recover in light of Sunday’s match between Napoli and Fiorentina scheduled at the Maradona stadium.

Napoli football news. Like a bolt out of the blue, yesterday Naples transferred theMuscle injury in training by Oxymine. although The player reassured everyonetoday there will be More checks To assess the extent of the problem and subsequent recovery.

Osimene Napoli Fiorentina

Osimene’s injury, the latest against Napoli Fiorentina

Here is what he wrote Tuttosport Regarding Nigerians:

Optimism in the entire Naples environment is strong. Yesterday Osimhen was suspended only as a precaution, and if the investigations give negative results, then today and tomorrow he has to do personal work, on Saturday he will finish in a group, and on Sunday he can resume his place in the center of the attack.

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