New tier used to convince users not to switch to Xbox Game Pass, for Analyst –

New tier used to convince users not to switch to Xbox Game Pass, for Analyst –

In an interview with WCCFTech, MIDiA Research Analyst, Carol Severin, expressed his opinion on the new subscriptions Additional and Premium Features of PlayStation Plus. In his view, the new layers are a move that Sony has thought of as In response to Xbox Game PassWith the primary objective of satisfying and persuading its users Do not turn to the Green Cross systemMore than just attracting new subscribers.

In the interview, Severin stated that in his view, PlayStation Plus 2.0 “is designed to compete on an equal footing with Game Pass, rather than drive innovation in the marketplace. PlayStation has cemented its offering of streaming games and online multiplayer services into a single solution. The only solution, completely As Game Pass has done in the past.”

According to Severin, on the other hand, PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium have the advantage of offering a wider catalog than Xbox Game Pass, but at the same time the absence of EA Play and PlayStation Studios games are drawbacks that should not be underestimated. The analyst also says that in his view, Sony’s move is aimed at satisfying existing PlayStation users and convincing them not to switch to Xbox Game Pass.

“I think the goal of this move is to more effectively manage and promote the existing PlayStation user base rather than attract new users. Managing dropout rates and reduce the temptation for existing users to upgrade to Xbox Game Pass. While I think the new PS Plus will help address some of these issues, I don’t see the new PS Plus proposal as a “game-changer” to attract new users into the Sony ecosystem from the outside. ”

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Finally, Severin states that over time subscription services will dominate the gaming market, representing their main access point. However, it will be a process that will take time and market changes, taking China as an example which has different laws to restrict the use of games.

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