Orietta Berti Shocks in GF VIP “Clutch Burns for the Eighth Time” / “They Didn’t Give It to Me Anymore”

Orietta Berti Shocks in GF VIP “Clutch Burns for the Eighth Time” / “They Didn’t Give It to Me Anymore”

Orita Berti, Curtain with Alfonso Signorini at Gf Vip

misfortunes Orita Berti They took the stage in Big Brother VIP. Alfonso Signorini He consulted his columnist for the latest news, where he was replaced by the various problems faced by the singer, about which he nevertheless spoke with alarming and proverbial irony.

“All sorts of things happened to me. First of all, I burned out the clutch for the eighth time. Now they don’t give me the car anymore!”, he revealed Orita Bertileaving the conductor Gf VIP without words. While that Sonia Bruganelli She burst out laughing at the spontaneity her colleague was talking about. but that is not all.

Orita Berti, from the wrecked car to the lost cell phone…

“I’ve never taken the handbrake off, it’s a vice for me! There’s nothing to do. I feel like the car doesn’t run and so does the smell, but when I dropped it, it’s too late, the clutch is gone now,” he continued. Orita Berti to me Big Brother VIP. Effective way, Alfonso Signorini He asked her how that was possible, realizing the difficulties her columnist faced. But as we said, this is not the only incident.

“Then I lost my phone for the thousandth time, and then I found it again. The conductor found it for me and got it back, but because it is an old phone. It was a mother-in-law, it is small, you can’t see anything, but it is convenient and it is a memory,” he continued. Orita Berti In the story of Al Gf VIP.

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