Fidez and Chiara Ferragni in Couple Therapy: Confession on TV


The most followed Italian couple on social media relied on a specialist: this is what will be discussed in their docu series

It arrives on December 9th on Amazon Prime Video Vergnese, the first documentary series focusing on the adventures of the most famous couple in Italy. Obviously we’re talking about videos NS Chiara Ferragni, which is about to reveal another aspect of their life as a married couple. The unpublished wallpaper, which (unbelievable but real) will exceed the dozens of content they share every day on their popular Instagram profile.

Obviously, in the documentary we will also be talking (among many things) about a topic that none of us have ever mentioned. We’ll see in Ferragnez already Fedez and Chiara Ferragni engaged in a couple therapy that the rapper in any case had to normalize.

That’s at least what Fedez said to Fabio Fazio tonight, live on Che fa Speed. Thus, the docu series would specifically serve as a way to remove a certain stigma from the subject. The couple, at least according to Fedez’s revelations, was never in a crisis, but Couples therapy may have only helped clarify some critical points. The only real (small) crisis the two faced was this summer, when paparazzi pinch them aboard their yacht amid a heated argument. For the rest, the two seem more united and in love than ever.

During tonight’s episode of Che tempo che fa, Fedez also had the opportunity to talk a little bit about his latest recording project, Inhuman, and his relationship with his eldest son. leon. Fidez’s son, who has always been a star on the singer’s Instagram, seems to have a passion for medicine and has often shown a lot of fun using doctor games.

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The new record for a rapper, InhumaneReleased on November 26. The launch of the project was accompanied by a real election campaign, in which the rapper was able to “deceive” many newspapers. In the disc, among other things, we also find a song dedicated to the second child win over, born March 23.

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