Nightmare Kitchens, the protagonist of the novel “Framed” by Cannavacciolo: he shamelessly lied to her | Unexpected complaint

Nightmare Kitchens, the protagonist of the novel “Framed” by Cannavacciolo: he shamelessly lied to her |  Unexpected complaint
Antonino Cannavacciolo – StreetFoodNews

In Kitchens of Nightmares one of the protagonists is “framed” by chef and host Antonino Cannavacciolo with lies.

An unexpected complaint falls like a plank on the chef’s head Antonino Cannavacciolo The entertainment program that he hosted for several seasons Hell’s Kitchen.

Similar to the original version Kitchen Nightmareswhich instead sees Fumantino at the helm Gordon Ramsay, The format follows the rebirth of the restaurant in each episode.

Everything happens thanks to the help of the host, who revives the fortunes of the place and the mood of its owners by reviewing the menu, the location and the way the team works.

But one of the show’s leads told another story, where he put the chef in a difficult position and accused him of some lies he told that would have led to her being “framed”. Let’s find out what it is.

Nightmare kitchens: the accusation against Antonino Cannavacciolo

In 9 seasons of restaurants whose fortunes were revived by the distinguished chef Antonino Cannavacciolo There were many, although he mentioned a Vanity gallery:I don’t perform miracles, and I don’t have a magic wand. But I have 30 years of experience in Italian catering. […] “My goal is to get everything in order and try to provide assistance to help restart.”

While A TV Blog Add: “It is a TV show and at the same time it is not a TV show… The fact that these stories are shown on TV does not mean that the fatigue, despair and crying are not real.” However, many have questioned the veracity of the programme, claiming that it has been completely tabled. Will it really be like this? Because one of the heroes is accused Cannavacciolo That I lied to her?

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Nightmare kitchens lie
Antonino Cannavacciolo – StreetFoodNews (Instagram photo)

Accusations against the chef

Over the years, we’ve certainly witnessed movie-like scenes in various episodes, including incompetent chefs, uncaring or worse dictatorial managers, filthy rooms and kitchens and many, many arguments. However, one of the heroes revealed what was happening behind the scenes and accused him Antonino Cannavacciolo Of lying to her.

Are nightmare kitchens real or fake? to courier The owner of the capoline admitted that much of what was broadcast in the episode in which she was the protagonist was slander. Regarding the insects that were seen moving between the tables, he said: “I was very upset. They told me they didn’t do it, but they did it instead. Fortunately the customers were all extras. If I saw a cockroach in a restaurant, I would call people first.” In short, it is depressing to create an audience.

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