The Royal Guard escorts Letizia incognito outside Zarzuela every Thursday night

The Royal Guard escorts Letizia incognito outside Zarzuela every Thursday night

And in these last four weeks, Felipe He went every weekend with his lifelong friends. He needs time for himself. This has been verified cheerful It hurts him more, and does not bring him happiness. The king had always loved his daughters' mother deeply, but recently he realized that he was wrong. They only get together at corporate events, like this Monday when they travel to Valencia to honor the victims of the fire, namely in Complicity is conspicuous by its absence. Only the cold is noticeable.

At the end of 2012 they were already living A very important crisis in their marriage. They argued constantly and were one step away from divorce, but in the end it did not happen. The Queen wanted to leave, but the King made it clear to her that Leonor and Sofía would stay operetta With him, that's why he didn't leave him. It was a time when the public lost confidence in the Crown due to the actions of Juan Carlos and the Nos Affair that ended with the imprisonment of Inaki Urdangarin. However, his crisis was not due to the status of the crown, although it did not help him either. In recent months, Jaime del Burgo revealed the real reason for the breakup. According to the lawyer, the Queen cheated on the King with him for several years, and there is talk of other men.

Leticia J. Teresa

Letizia never loved Felipe. She was a very ambitious woman, and when the then prince asked her out on a date, she allowed herself to be carried away. She believed she could become the most powerful woman in Spain.

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Letizia goes out every week with her friends to avoid meeting Felipe

A month agoroyal house, Not wanting to confirm or deny the rumours, he forced Felipe and Letizia to come to the cinema to watch a movie, one of the favorite plans of both of them when they started going out together. However, throughout these weekends, the last four, Felipe went out with his friends. Letizia did the same. The Queen is tired of sharing a house with her husband. They do not sleep in the same room, and avoid each other whenever possible. Now Leonor and Sofía do not live at home and do not have to pretend in everyday life.

Leticia also makes plans separately, relying on her friends, including her Sonsoles Onega. Every Thursday he stays with the group to go out for dinner and drinks. He needs to vent. The situation in Zarzuela is not the best. They did not talk about divorce, but rather about stopping cohabitation. The royal guard accompanies the queen every Thursday, Felipe controls her and does not want to leave her alone, he is afraid that she will go away with another man again, jealousy.

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