“Operation Satellite,” the war between China, Russia, and the United States that is fought with balloons and artificial intelligence

“Operation Satellite,” the war between China, Russia, and the United States that is fought with balloons and artificial intelligence

A network of thousands of objects in orbit, the “tightness of space” that envelops the Earth and keeps much of human activity under control. Frediano Finucci’s investigation aims to reveal and publish what happens at high altitudes, where satellites move and make people’s lives easier. But this technology also represents a frontier in unprecedented tensions between global superpowers. The Russian aggression against Ukraine revealed its importance in times of war. Satellite operation It is an investigative book written by a journalist A7. Text, published by the publisher Villages, was presented on the evening of September 19 at the Romanian Office of the European Parliament. The management of the meeting was entrusted to the journalist opinion Eva Giovannini, and alternating with Finucci, there was the Director of the European Union Representation in Italy, Antonio Parente. The conversation quickly turned to the news revealed in the fourth chapter of the book: that the most serious accident involving Moscow’s satellite infrastructure could have actually been caused by a “deliberate American attack” and not by pure death. The entire GLONASS constellation, made up of 24 satellites that provide a GPS signal to Russia’s armed forces, was without power for 13 hours. It happened exactly two weeks after the referendum on Crimea in 2014.

During the debate, Finucci explained how he came to formulate the hypothesis that a US intelligence operation was behind the blocking of the Russian military’s GPS signal. He obtained some details thanks to the endless ChatGPT archive, and other confirmations came from secret documents shown to him by an American analyst, anonymous sources, and military advisors: all elements that the journalist discovered and rearranged A7 They seem to attribute responsibility for the power outage to Washington. On the other front of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the author reconstructs Moscow’s bizarre cyberattack on Kiev’s satellite infrastructure, which occurred a few hours before the start of the military invasion, on February 24, 2022. An attack that also affected Italy, Germany and Italy. Spain, Czech Republic.

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Again the book Satellite operation It focuses on “highly advanced, even sci-fi” scientific experiments carried out by Beijing using hot air balloons. China’s presence in the game played in orbit looms large in several moments covered in the volume: the risk of Beijing using satellite technologies to facilitate an invasion of Taiwan appears real. Finally, Finucci analyzes the risks and opportunities involved in private corporate activity in space geopolitics. How did Elon Musk, with his Starlink system, for example, become one of the main parties in the outcome of the conflict in Ukraine? Not a public authority, not a sovereign state, but an entrepreneur on whom other countries might one day find themselves dependent.

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