Locked in a cage for 7 years by his mother and aunts: a disabled boy’s nightmare

Locked in a cage for 7 years by his mother and aunts: a disabled boy’s nightmare

The horror coming from Venezuela. This young man suffers from convulsions and motor disabilities, and has been imprisoned in that wooden cell since he was six years old. Six women were arrested, including the boy’s mother.

a 13 year old boy He suffered from a serious congenital disability, and spent half his life confined in one of them cage. It’s a terrible story that comes from VenezuelaSix women were arrested – including the little boy’s mother.

This news was announced on Tuesday by the Attorney General Tariq William Saabwho posted on their personal Twitter page a picture of where the little boy lives, in a house in the city AraoriIn the state of Portugal, highlighting how he was “detained there and subjected to hunger and destitution.”

“Those responsible will be charged with crimes Harsh treatment And based on Criminal associationThe prosecutor added that all the people involved were relatives of the 13-year-old. It was the neighbors who informed the authorities. Then the Bolivarian National Police (PNB) intervened. According to the site Venezuela NewsAnd there are among the people who were arrested The child’s motherand Maria Muñoz and five aunts: Xandra Guedez, Deianira Guedez, Ana Guedez, Candida Guedez, and Marisela Guedez.

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Secretary of Citizen Safety in the state PortugueseLuis Medina stated, “The boy was inside Unfortunate circumstances in Wooden crate Handmade.” It also appears that when police arrived at the scene, the teen Gagged. According to what was discovered, he had been exposed to this type of practice since he was six years old.

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Moreover, according to the data revealed by the investigations, the victim suffers from: Convulsions It offers “A inability “Engine” which is not specified.

Local media also wrote that after the issue spread and affected residents of the area, the community tried to do so Execution of relatives The victim, forcing the police to intervene. Meanwhile, the 13-year-old girl was transferred to a “care home” in Caracas.

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