March 26, 2023

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Washington is trying to contain Putin who is using Libya against Europe

The 2022 African Lion exercise, operated by AFRICOM, has ended. The intention of the United States is to try to halt, and perhaps stop, the Russian advance in Africa. The role of Haftar, Wagner militias, and Turkey

it has finished African Lion 2022: Military exercises conducted by AFRICOM, the African Command of the United States, on the territories of Tunisia, Morocco, Ghana and Senegal. The exercise in itself would not be news, on the other hand, it is held every year (this is the 18th) but was not at all intense and common. In addition to the Americans, Chadians, Brazilians, French, Dutch, British and even 40 Italians participated, part of NATO’s rapidly expanding corps. General Andrew M. Rohling during the press conference last June 28 made it clear: The African Lion 22 is “the largest exercise to date conducted on the continent and represents a strategic commitment to African regional stability by the United States and our partner.” Translator: Washington intends to try Stopping, and possibly stopping, the Russian advance in Africawhich works in two ways, the first is Direct support for coups in favor of Moscow (But, above all, unfavorable for Europe). The second, on the other hand, is ideological and relates to terrorismThe Kremlin, in fact, drawing on the absence of its colonial past on the continent, is proposing itself as a useful neutral force fighting the Islamic State and the militias that are undermining the stability of large parts of Africa.