Big Brother Vip, the Soleil game revealed by social media: videos and tweets

big brother vip

The contender lost ground, many on Twitter noticed details during episodes and their inconsistencies

Sulli rises in Big Brother Vip 6 It continues to split, but also loses support. It wasn’t the defeat at the most recent TV interview, but the proportions of defeat that sent a strong signal: They’re no longer just voting. fan base. It is known that fans spend the most during TV broadcasts, but it is also known that not all audiences vote. Which is why if you read a lot of criticism of Sully on social media and not many can stand it, she is – as it turns out – the house favourite. In short, it is important and the number of votes. Furthermore, it couldn’t be ruled out that someone had changed their mind about Sulli along the way and stopped supporting her.

The truth is that nothing is the same as before for her and on individual television, or simply by changing the question to “Who do you want to delete?” She was out of the game. This is the reason too A lot has been revealed on social media about Sulli’s game in GF VipThe accusation is falsification, formation, and representation in a nutshell. Nor is it the first time she has been accused of such things. She thinks it’s due to her manner of speaking and her way of speaking, but there is actually more. And then one of them also objects to some of his statements in full with evidence.

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To give an example: When Sully talked about respecting the elderly while doing so, someone posted a video taken by Beijing Express. She had participated with her mother Wendy inadventure game From Rai Due and on their journey Sulli told his mother that it was cooked and lethargic. Sulli spoke to his mother in tones that were definitely not polite and respectful, sometimes even letting some insults evaporate. “Now please shut up and try to solve the problem instead of standing there complaining and shit… you. Imbec..le”These are Sulli’s words to his mother in one of the videos retrieved from Beijing.

Moreover, reading a few tweets here and there, many noticed the details: Solly Sorge changes his voice during the episodes. The competitor changes the tone of the voice according to the moment and pays attention only to its notice, in case it has not already been noticed. Someone wrote that Alex Bailey was Sully’s teacher: “Change the tone of voice so that you grieve over the teardrop.” In fact, Sully has always done that, even on other shows.

Here is another tweet: “Sully’s arrogance has more admirers than the sound of a live flute.” still: “This… Changing Sulli’s voice someone has to tell her that she’s not behaving nicely abandons us.” There are a few tweets taken as examples, but there are many similar tweets during episodes on Canale 5. There was no shortage of memes on Sulli’s voice changed to GF Vip: Comparing normal days and episodes, changing images from a shark to a fish, or from a demon to an angel. Someone even compared her to Gemma Galgani…

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