The extraordinary mobilization with which Puigdemont wants to challenge Ella

The extraordinary mobilization with which Puigdemont wants to challenge Ella

Almost four hours on the road, from Terres de l’Ebre, to not be able to enter the Argelers’ pavilion where the central Junts campaign meeting was held. Some attendees complained about this before the event began, as the building’s doors were already locked and security guards were asking people to leave the entrance for free. The rows of chairs outside, equipped with a large screen to follow parliamentary sessions, were also full. I Carles PuigdemontBefore he began, he greeted them outside with respect. People were taking videos and photos and searching for him in the crowd. As is the case every day, they arrived in buses or private cars. Some even spent the night in Algiers to experience a campaign that Gontz says will be the last for their exiled leader to say, perhaps, that they were there. Everyone has a story. It’s their cry. The day was a demonstration of the strength of the convocation once the campaign had crossed the equator: the party numbered 3,000 people. The same people who gathered on Thursday at the Sant Boi de Llobregat pavilion for the first meeting Pedro Sanchez with Salvador Ella, according to the PSC number. At the same time, also with Sanchez, Ella gathered 2,000 people in Montmelo. In the aerial photos broadcast live after the game, you can see some empty chairs and others stacked in a row in case more people were in attendance. Ella’s message: Trust is the worst enemy. ERC gathered 500 people in Pineda de Mar, city Peter Aragones.

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“Let’s blow up the ballot boxes,” Puigdemont shouted on the stage while the hall was full. Candidate Gonz joked about the terrorism investigation into the Democratic tsunami and was looking for an unambiguous headline to rally the vote: “Now I’m going to reveal the secret weapon we’ve been keeping: It’s you, it’s you.” “The twelfth day is a great occasion to dust off this secret weapon,” he said. “A weapon that, once fired, no fat San Cristo can stop,” Sanchez said. If there’s one thing the daily meetings in Algiers indicate, it’s that Puigdemont’s party environment and more loyal voters have been invigorated. So active that when the campaign is over, thousands of people will have made an unprecedented round trip. The party estimates there will be around 10,000, with a corresponding impact on their surrounding areas. The pictures speak of going up to Argylers to “charge the batteries”. It is impossible not to wonder how this will translate to the ballot box. In other words: Is Algeria a bubble? Or an indicative sample of the potential capitalization of votes that the polls do not adequately reflect?

Puigdemont appeals to the mirage in front of the fervor of the congregation. “We will prevail!” he shouts, although the general perception in the emirate is that Ella’s victory is merciless. Thus, the candidate of Junt, most praised by the crowd, insists on presenting this election as a binary choice between Junt and Ella (or Pedro Sánchez) and makes victory possible. So far, with the promise of a return, Gontz seems to have beaten the ERC in the battle for dominance over independence, but he needs to convince the undecided and part of the abstentions to shorten the distance with Ella and even keep dropping the idea of ​​a return. Victory against all odds. That’s why Junts is asking those who are still unsure to vote. “It is better to go to vote with doubts than with no doubt about who will rule the island Catalonia, because here there is no doubt,” he says, raising fear of national defeat.

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To demonstrate this danger, he urges pro-independence voters to vote for any pro-independence party, and above all not to stay at home, despite claiming their own acronyms. Thus, the Ghent candidate speaks of stirring up Catalonia, of leadership (not management), of restoring illusion to a country fallen into despair. “It’s no longer just a mess,” he says, and stands as the only person capable of standing up to the Spanish government. It is primarily an emotional battle, as passionate as the one that Sánchez provoked to save Spanish democracy.

Those affiliated with Gantz believe that the Spanish president’s maneuver wanted to undermine Puigdemont’s electoral growth, even if it was said that Illa was suitable for a campaign without shocks, based on the exposure of his project to “turn the page.” Whatever the case, Puigdemont does not seem to retain any influence: he will not return before the date he announced, and he does not have any unpublished proposals to radically change the electoral table. It appeals to self-respect. A kind of lost pride amid the repression and political failure of independence in recent years, with the promise of better governance that avoids the programmatic deepening that imposes ideological divisions. Because that’s not what his campaign is about. But in order to get past the most vocal of the crowd, he needs to convince the undecided and reach critical independents who have stopped voting for the ERC, the Junts or the CUP in the coming days. And so, on stage, applauded by his audience, he addressed those who would never get on a bus to see him at a gathering like this. Is Algeria a bubble? There are still a few days left to find out.

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The story

The People’s Party also calculated that 3,000 people attended the rally in BadalonaAlejandro Fernandez with Alberto Nunez Viejowhich continues to feed into the Catalan campaign and the popular battle, Xavier Garcia Albiol, from the host. The event ended with a popular sausage sizzle. For their part, the commoners made the traditional paella from Pécs Llobregat al Prat, this time using paella, Louis Miguelerwith No. 2.


The CUP candidate said, “Putting the Peace and Security Council in the middle does not achieve progress. This country made progress when it held a dialogue with the Society of Union and Progress.” Laia EstradaAt the central meeting in Girona.

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