“Boat bridges and ferry system” – Libero Quotidiano

“Boat bridges and ferry system” – Libero Quotidiano

there The war in UkraineHe continues, dramatically, day in and day out. Certainly one of the last battlegrounds KhersonThe city where the resistance thanks HIMARS missiles Provided by the USA, she managed to blow up the bridges and deal a severe blow to the Russian invaders. So much so that the city is once again in the balance.

And about what’s going on, they come now intelligence information issued by the British Ministry of Defense, which says that “it is possible that Ukraine has successfully repelled Russian attacks near the city of Donetsk in DonbassAnd again, Her Majesty 007 declared that “in the Kherson region, the armed forces of Russia have done this.” He probably built two pontoon bridges and a ferry system To compensate for the fact that the nearby bridges were damaged in the recent raids.” In short, Vladimir Putin’s forces were diverted to building pontoon bridges. But they still did not give up.

The latest intelligence update adds that “in all the recently occupied territories of southern Ukraine, the Russian authorities have been installed They may be under increasing pressure from Moscow To consolidate control of the region and prepare for referendums on joining Russia later this year. They concluded that local authorities may compel residents to disclose their personal data in order to compose electoral lists.”

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