Nvidia surprises everyone and announces a new chip

Nvidia surprises everyone and announces a new chip

CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang It was announced during the COMPUTEX technology conference in Taipei, Taiwan Slide model Which will be released in 2026. The announcement came three months after the introduction of the latest product: a new chip that will be released by 2024 called “Blackwell“.

Current chips Hopper They are the spearhead of Nvidia, with companies of their caliber half, Google And OpenAI As customers. Although pricing is not publicly available, the Hopper chip is said to retail for approx $30,000.

The company is at the forefront Artificial intelligence boom (Artificial Intelligence) is currently in progress, producing chips that run common software e.g ChatGPT From OpenAI e twin By Google.

This has allowed Nvidia to become the undisputed world leader in chip design. Since ChatGPT was released in late 2022, it has become… Nvidia stock price It increased by approx 3000% to $1133. This made Nvidia the third largest company in the world with a value of $2.79 trillion, behind only Microsoft and Apple.

Nvidia has reported a string of better-than-expected quarterly earnings since the AI ​​craze began. In its latest quarterly report on May 22, Nvidia A Increase revenue 427% Compared to last year, it is worth $26 billion. Net profit In the last quarter, it reached $14.9 billion, exceeding market estimates.

Nvidia and the competition

Despite Nvidia’s overdominance in the market, some of its competitors are willing to challenge it. particularly, AMD And Intel Corporationformerly the world’s largest chip maker, is looking for ways to enter the artificial intelligence chip market.

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Intel recently received a A government grant worth $20 billion To build chip manufacturing factories on American soil.

Nvidia outsources chip production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which places its operations within the delicate balance of geopolitical tensions between the United States and China.

To outperform the competition, Nvidia plans to expand its operations and offer a broader choice of powerful AI chips.

The new Blackwell model will be twice as powerful as the Hopper. The other model, expected for 2026, was announced on Sunday, dubbed “fat”It should be faster and stronger.

Overall, Huang announced that Nvidia will increase chip releases to “once a year” instead of the dual strategy applied so far. “Our basic philosophy is very simple.”Huang said during the announcement, “Build the entire data center at scale, separate parts and sell them at a one-year pace, and push it all towards the technology.”.

“Today we are on the cusp of a Big change in the field of information technologyHuang added. “Through our innovations in artificial intelligence and accelerated computing, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and driving the next wave of technological advancement.”.

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