Juventus scores three goals against Fiorentina Primavera, which remains at the bottom of the standings. Another defeat for the Galuba team in clear difficulty at the level of play

Juventus scores three goals against Fiorentina Primavera, which remains at the bottom of the standings.  Another defeat for the Galuba team in clear difficulty at the level of play

Juventus – Fiorentina 3-0 (40′ Vaca, 54′ Angeli, 89′ Sienza)

Fiorentina (3-4-2-1): Vanucci; Biagetti, Sadoti (81′ Cabrini), Elia; Spaggiari (66′ Fortini), Harder (81′ Gudelevicius), Vitolo, Dennis (55′ Scuderi); Rubino, Padilla (55′ Braschi); Sini.

Available: Tognetti, Scuderi, Godelificius, Magini, Braschi, Quadio, Guidobaldi, Fortini, Magnani, Evoli, Cabrini.

Coach: Daniele Galuba.

Another severe setback for the Fiorentina team led by Galuba, who suffered a comprehensive defeat against Juventus and showed serious difficulties in terms of play, field maintenance and attacking threat. Viola occupies third place from last with 5 points, with Lecce able to catch up with Viola or even surpass it if it wins over Sassuolo.

90′ The referee awards 5 minutes of stoppage time

89′ Juventus goal. Montero’s team scores a hat-trick with a goal from Sianza. The Juventus winger burns Scuderi, receives from Bagnocco, controls and passes a cross with his left foot: after the goal. Late at night for the Viola 3-0.

89′ Cabrini receives from Ceni and tries with his left foot a weak ball that passes to Vinarcic

85′ Godevicius comes on too aggressively and late on Grosso, the Lithuanian Fiorentina midfielder is booked.

82′ Substitution for Monteiro, Ngana off, Oso on, Vaca on, Grosso on.

81′ Godlevicius and Cabrini come on for Fiorentina. My hardest pillow is out

80′ Scuderi gets a corner kick after an unbalanced cross from the right side, executed by Vinarcic for a corner kick to avoid any danger.

78′ Cramps for Ngana, who ran a lot. The match stops and the referee indicates that he will take everything back

77′ Floria comes off and Senza comes on for Juventus

76′ Sene! This time, Vinarcic does well and blocks Ceni’s right-footed shot on the way out

75′ Sene! The opportunity to reopen the match was lost for Ceni, who suffered an injury to his right foot, after Robinho was well-trained, and he almost fell, so the ball came out.

74′ Martinez! A powerful shot from his right foot from outside the area by the Spanish centre-back was blocked by Vanucci, then Bugno sneaked in and Juventus stopped.

72′ Fiorentina look timid, Harder gets a short clearance from the Juventus defense and fires in with his right foot: a high shot from Vinarcic, and an easy save for the Slovakian.

71′ Fist! The new substitute headed towards the end, as the ball went wide of the goal after a shot by the Juventus striker, who missed a great opportunity for the trio with a left-footed shot.

69′ First substitution for Juventus, Angeli comes off and Pugno comes on

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66′ Spaggiari comes off and Fortini comes on for Fiorentina

65′ Ceni takes strong control again and then kicks Rebani. The African striker has been booked for Fiorentina

64′ There is some tension now on the field, Elia and Pacino cooperate, and referee Costanza immediately intervenes to calm things down.

63′ He has no intention of slowing Juventus down as they continue to push for a hat-trick. Montero’s team gets another corner

59′ Robinho steals the ball from Gil who is messing around a lot and shoots into the Juventus area but suffers the recovery of an angry and lively Ngana who closes it down in great fashion, a perfect snapshot of the difference in bite and hunger between the two teams.

58′ Brachi! High shot from the Viola striker, who creates an interesting space to shoot but shoots high with his left foot after dribbling past Martinez.

56′ Bagnoko is booked for protests. Second yellow card for Juventus

55′ Double substitution for Galuba, Padilla and Dennis, both of whom performed poorly, and the entry of Bracci and Scuderi.

54′ Juventus goal. Juventus’ brace was scored by Angeli, who put the ball under the crossbar with his left foot after being passed by Vacca. Dennis allows the Juventus captain to escape, Fiorentina are very weak in coverage. 2-0

50′ Denis steps on Savio and concedes an attractive free kick for Juventus. Hungarian intervention in these circumstances was extremely reckless

48′ A beautiful game for the Viola, which Padilla continues in an excellent way with a pass from Sene. The Senegalese plays again for Padilla, who enters the Juventus penalty area and makes mistakes in everything, the idea and perception of the play, and gives the ball to the Juventus rear defence.

46′ Vacca remains on the ground and immediately receives medical treatment from Juventus’ medical staff. The Juventus striker appeared to go down badly after a header, but managed to get back up

46′ From the restart, go purple!

End of the first half with Juventus leading 1-0

45′ 1 minute stoppage time

44′ Robinho shoots poorly, the defense blocks it, Dennis shoots it with his right foot, and Savio turns it into a corner kick.

44′ Pacino knocks Ceni to the ground and hits the tip of the lily. An exciting free kick for Fiorentina from the edge of the Juventus penalty area

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42′ Ngana swings at Robinho and risks a yellow card, but is pardoned. This is not the first strong blow that the Fiorentina playmaker has received

40′ Juventus goal. Juventus’ advantage was registered by Vaca who, when served into the penalty area, skipped past at least three Viola players like skittles, also won two rebounds, and ended up scoring with a header from a few steps away. The passivity and lightness of the Viola defense on this occasion was astonishing. Only against five did Vaca have the upper hand. 1-0

39′ A powerful left-footed shot from Ribani from outside the area after a great dribble by Vitolo, the ball went wide of the goal, but Vanucci seemed to be on the right track.

36′ Corner from Ribbani to go out, Vanucci turns away and goes wide, Pagnocco finishes the first goal and shoots very high.

34′ Cross from Bagnocco, Spaggiari’s hand, a dangerous free kick for Juventus on the left side.

32′ The match so far has been very intense, fast paced and some useless whistles from referee Costanza who officiated the match very well which made it entertaining.

29′ An excellent defensive intervention by Spaggiari blocks Vacca in an open field and prevents the Juventus player from entering the penalty area. A decisive and perfect intervention from the former Modena player

27′ Ceni uses his body very well this time and eliminates Pacino’s advancing attempt, which blocks him after being overtaken and receives an inevitable yellow card. The first warning of the match

24′ Fiorentina manages another great restart very poorly, and this time it is Padilla Mendoza who deadlocks without even getting a free kick. The Ecuadorian made a very poor choice of match in this circumstance

21′ Fiorentina player Galuba has now come out of his shell a bit. Harder and Dennis dialogue on the left and when the central midfielder introduces the Viola, Martinez must close a corner kick. However, nothing happened with the next shot, and Juventus cleared the penalty area without problems

19′ Biagetti goes wide with his right foot to look for Dennis’ cut, closing down the Juventus defense but after the next throw-in develops Fiorentina have a chance to shoot. Ceni stumbles first without finishing the ball, Harder pounces on the ball and hits it with his entire neck, but sends it down.

16′ Free kick for Juventus: Vacca tries from 20 metres, shoots down the middle and is too weak to deny Vanucci, who blocks the ball in two halves.

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14′ Spaggiari’s cross from the right side. Ceni communicates a little with the Spaniard Martinez, who stops him a little. The referee does not notice anything. The Senegalese Fiorentina striker was brought down very easily.

12′ Martinez clears a good gap for Florea who can shoot from an excellent position but actually passes the ball to Vanucci. An easy save on the ground for the Fiorentina goalkeeper

10′ Ruby! The opportunity Fiorentina had was astonishing and how poorly it was managed. Vinarcic commits a madness in his own making, Harder recovers and clears Ceni who opens up space for Robinho in front of the Juventus goalkeeper, but the Juventus goalkeeper intercepts him. The match situation was handled very poorly by Ceni and Robinho was very lax in finishing the match

8′ cow! Nice intervention from Vanucci on the right of exit from Vaca after an excellent call from Savio. Previously, the loose ball coming out of Fiorentina was so bad, with Spaggiari, who started the Piedmont restart

6 ‘Wise! On the left, Juventus do what they want with Rebani building and finishing as well, a soft cross finds Savio alone at the far post, a lopsided score from the Juventus winger who almost rebounds more forcefully into his own net, then pushes the defense away Lily

4′ A quick start for Juventus Montero, who crushes Fiorentina in their own half. The pace set by the Bianconeri was very high immediately

2′ Angeli goes down in the Viola penalty area, but there is absolutely no mistake from Dennis, who the Juventus striker has already thrown himself at. Referee Costanza signals to continue

1′ off the challenge! Purple power!

continuous Spring tournament to Florentine In serious difficulty at the beginning of the season. a team He runs He comes off a bad stop against Lazio and is currently third from last. Today is a challenge that is anything but trivial, against Juventus From Paul Montero.
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