The official E3 web domain has expired and has not been renewed [aggiornata] –

The official E3 web domain has expired and has not been renewed [aggiornata] –

The Official web domain frome 3i.e., is Expired And it wasn’t Renewed By regulators, so much so that at the moment it is vacant and anyone can buy it.

After about an hour, the site was back to normal operation. GoDaddy gives a few days of extension in case the domain expires, which is likely what happened to E3 domain today.

It remains a strange incident, but at least it should not have repercussions for the future of the event. Below is the original news.

It was officially announced that E3 2023 will have a renewed format and will be live and digital, but after skipping two editions, there is a possibility that the organization has abandoned the project for good.

From Sony’s farewell to the epidemic, there is no doubt that E3 has had to face extraordinarily negative events, while at the same time incorporating other summer events already imagined for a digital format and thus ready to conquer a segment of the audience.

At the moment, it is not known what is really going on behind the scenes, but we imagine that the European Space Agency will shed some light on these latest developments, confirming that E3 2023 will occur or decide final death from the event.

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