Nunzio is the elimination of the seventh episode. Alessandra Celentano unleashed

Nunzio is the elimination of the seventh episode.  Alessandra Celentano unleashed

Amici April 21, 30: Nunzio is getting rid of Episode VII. Alessandra Celentano unleashed it. After four ballots passed, it was Student of Raimondo Todaro He leaves the most famous school on TV thanking everyone, from classmates to Maria de Filippiwithout forgetting Alessandra Celentano.

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Friends 21 – Episode series on Saturday 30 April

00.55 The seventh episode of the evening of the 21st Emichi Next Saturday’s date ends here with’s live broadcast. Thank you for joining us

00.50 The episode concludes with the super guest presenting the new song “Fortuna” from the new album (scheduled to be released on May 20).

00.39 Nunzio: “I know. It was so good and I’m so happy, I couldn’t ask for more. I will miss you all, you were so special. I have to thank Raimondo first because I told him all kinds of things and he was behaving like a gentleman to me. I consider him a brother and a father. Then I thank the guys who are here, you made me feel at home, you know how important family is. There is no unpleasant person for me. Sissy you’re my best friend here. Alex loves me the most but you can’t prove it to me (laughs). I always joke with Serena when I tell her she was dancing with me, but you are really a very strong dancer. It’s an honor to go out tonight, everyone a phenomenon by their side. My friends September is the biggest defeat of my life, but today it is the most beautiful victory ever, and then I must thank you, Maria, for taking care of me just like my mother and grandmother. I was worried when I thought, I was my mom, and I love you. Last but not least, Celentano, besides being a beautiful woman, a wonderful teacher and professional, had the advantage of putting Nunzio in competition with himself. I have done everything, I will carry him in my heart forever, if I get past Celentano I can conquer everything ».

00.34 Maria asks if they want to know immediately the verdict or the reassuring phrases: “I heard that Albee is talking with Serena and Nunzio, both of you are satisfied, that means it is clear to you that this is a TV show and that it comes out every week. It is the mechanism of the program that performs To the end, and that makes me happy because no one should think to get out of here because he deserves less than those who stayed. Having said that, Nunzio didn’t work out tonight”

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00.33 Maria invites the boys to sit on the stairs. For Albe, this is the first time, and Nunzio is the fourth

00.26 Nunzio and Al divorce with the children of the house

00.26 The boys go home to see the result of the three judges’ vote

00.25 This evening’s Tim award goes to Luigi

00.24 The challenge is over, Raimundo moved: “Nunzio and I have a long history, he was 11 years old when we went and slept with me, then there was a misunderstanding and in September we met again.”

00.16 Final poll between Albe and Nuzio. Leaves Albee, then Nunzio

00.15 Luigi except for

00.12 The judges must choose who will be the first disqualified student. cards. Advertising

00.07 Nunzio leaves, Todaro gives him good luck

00.06 Luigi, Albee and Nunzio ready for the final vote

23.58 The alternative talent is back under the leadership of Nino Frasica

23.57 goes to the final poll with Albi and Nunzio..Luigi

23.52 Luigi and Michele in the poll

23.51 Stash and Stefano voted for Sissi, with a standing ovation from the judges for choosing the song. Cuccarini Todaro . wins

11.45 pm and then we leave again with Sisi singing “Imagine” against Michel

23.43 The Prince asks not to vote and to review the new challenge between the two

23.36 Stefano “Sissi has a voice that sticks you in an armchair and slaps you,” Stash: “It is true that the choreography was adapted to Michelle’s dance, but I liked the contato. Michael vote. Advertising

23.29 The third challenge: Michel vs. Sisi

23.27 Prince voted for Serena. Stache Luigi. Stefano’s last word: “They are both good at communicating. It’s hard to put singing and dancing on the same board. Luigi has a liveliness of his own, but Serena especially impressed me.” Point to Cucca -Todo. 1-1

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23.21 Challenge 2: Serena dances with Alex against Luigi

23.20 Stash gives the point to Alex. Even the Prince completes it but votes for Luigi’s groove. Stefano assigns the point to Luigi-Zerbi-Celli 1-0

23.14 The first test is the Kantro Challenge: Alex vs. Luigi

23.13 The third and final heat again between Zerbe Celentano and Coccarini – Todaro

23.10 Zerbi – Celentano win

22.54 Before the third and final heat it’s time for the “Professor’s Glove”

22.52 goes to the final ballot with Nunzio…Albi

22.48 Ballot between Alp and Dario

22.45 Stefano: “Two ways to create in a different way, I love these gloves over creativity. When Luigi left, I had a hard time recognizing the song, I was anxious, not understanding how much you bothered it. Creating rhymes with originality and I vote for Luigi.” Prince: “I like the way Albee writes it, but Luigi’s story pulled me in. I vote for him.” Zerbi – Celentano . wins

22.37 The third and final heat and a new dispute, again between Luigi and Albe. They both “cover” the song “Vagabondo” de Nomady

22.35 Stash “I missed Luigi’s blast, Albee was happy, and his prize.” The prince also voiced Albee. 1-1

22.30 Alby vs Luigi second challenge

22.28 For Filiberto Michele, Stefano wins, “If we’re here to make fleas on these dancers, it’s because they’re good. I assumed the two shows together would make my perfect performance. It’s a very artistic choreography but also requires transportation. My judgment is athletic and technically unbalanced by Michel.” 1-0 to Zerby Celentano

22.23 Celentano apologizes: “I’m sorry for this discussion before Michelle dances”

22.21 Celentano: “To think that Dario dances well is to not understand anything about dance,” Veronica Furiosa: “I will not leave you, Dario did this dance well. The dance is one and recognizable. We got to the point where you told me I didn’t understand dance!” I take responsibility, Dario is a talent.”

22.12 Michel Glove vs Dario

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22.09 In the second half, Zerbi – Celentano Challenge Pepparini – Bettinelli

22.09 between Serena and Nunzio in the final ballot goes Nunzio

22.07 Alex immediately returns to the match

22.00 Nunzio – Serena and Alex on the ballot. Starts with shows

21.58 Stefano: “When Luigi does these things, he gives me the impression of always wanting to be the child prodigy, but he always takes the measure of not being bloated. You are so good and elegant, my vote for you”, Stash also voted for Luigi. Zerbi – Celentano win first half

21.52 Third Critical Test: Luigi (sings “Splendido Splendente”) vs. Nunzio (dances to a flamenco mix)

21.50 Stefano: “These guys are real franchisees. I have always seen Sisi relaxed, and Michelle in my opinion took a small step forward this evening doing something different, so my vote goes to Michel.” Prince votes for Sisi and Stach rewards Sisi and Alex. 1-1

21.45 Challenge 2: Michelle (“Peach Pink” dance) against Cece who will duel with Alex

21.44 Stash: “If I remove the choreography from Nunzio I feel like it doesn’t exist, and if I take it off Luigi I won’t,” congratulations also from Proncipe. It’s 1-0 to Zerbe Celentano

21.39 After Nunzio’s performance, quarrels begin between Celentano and Todaro

21.36 Luigi’s first challenge against Nunzio

21.34 The first match begins with the challenge between Zerbi – Celentano and Kocarini Todaro

21.33 Let’s go. Maria De Filippi opens the seventh episode of Amici 21

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here the Friends talents 21 Still in the race this evening during the week’s episode:

Luigi and Michele from Zerbe Celentano

Alex, Sissi, Serena and Nunzio from Team Cuccarini-Todaro

Albee and Dario from Bettinelli Pepparini

The seventh appointment also with talent led by Nino Frasica. Big guest studio creative artist Ghaly presenting the new song “Fortuna” from the new album (released May 20)

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