PS5 V2 DualSense Leaks Online: New Controller with Improved Battery on the Way?

PS5 V2 DualSense Leaks Online: New Controller with Improved Battery on the Way?

There could be New controller DualSense by PS5 Coming soon, according to a Best Buy chain in Canada that contains the mysterious PlayStation 5 V2 DualSense Controller equipped with Improved battery Charging base included.

In the features mentioned in the price list, in addition to all the standard features of the PS5 DualSense, we see the fact that Charging station is includedto provide easier charging, and also “exceptional battery life of up to 12 hours, supporting long gaming sessions.”

while 12 hours While it doesn't represent exceptional battery life for a wireless controller, it's still double the standard battery life of the current DualSense, so it's actually a notable improvement.

The document is clearly visible in the screenshot below as well, but we can't take it as a completely convincing confirmation of the upcoming product, considering how Dealer price lists There is often an error in reporting this information in advance.

Necessary development

A screenshot of a Best Buy price list showing the new PS5 controller

However, our DualSense review focused mainly onindependence This is desirable on Sony's part, considering battery life is a major weakness of the widely praised console.

However, what's somewhat notable is that the mysterious DualSense V2 has been referenced price $89.99 CAD, which is the same price as the standard controller currently on the market, so the new version won't entail a price increase, which is somewhat strange considering the inclusion of the charging station and improved battery.

Therefore, there are some questionable points that must be clarified about the matter, and we await any announcements from Sony in this regard that may arrive during the coming period. Meanwhile, three new colors for the PS5 Slim have been introduced, while rumors continue that a PS5 Pro could be on the way.

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