Non-repayable contribution, intended for owners for construction interventions: how and when to apply

Non-repayable contribution, intended for owners for construction interventions: how and when to apply

The super bonus is up to 90% as of October: Here’s how to apply to request a non-repayable contribution.

As of next October, it will be introduced in the “AIDS Decree.” The 90% super bonus is a contribution reserved for those who enjoy ownership Or the real enjoyment of the property that is the subject of construction interventions, and whose income during 2022 was less than 15 thousand euros, calculated according to the criteria set by the legislative decree. Help yourself All information and instructions for submitting the application Request a non-repayable contribution on construction work which will be deductible up to 90%.

Marking Submission of the applicationthe The applicant must prove all expenses incurred This applies to the aforementioned renewals that took place during the period from January 1 to October 31 of the current year. Specifically, construction work must have been carried out to update common areas, condominium units, or owned properties that are considered first residences.

From when can the application be submitted?

-Go into detail about what is meant by the property owned by the appellant. The super bonus can be 90%. Requested by the actual owners and beneficiaries of the propertywhich is considered as the first home, or the heirs who retain physical and direct possession of the property can also enjoy the same benefit, with respect to the interventions supported by the deceased.

The question is how and when it is served

Here’s when and how to apply for

The Director of the Revenue Agency specified the conditions and methods for submitting a request for a 90% bonus request: The application must be sent during the period from 2 to 31 October. The application can be submitted exclusively through an online procedure, using the Revenue Agency’s website, and accessing the area reserved for the applicant.

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According to the example posted on September 23, it is expected that The applicant acknowledges that he or she has all the required requirements To provide contribution; Moreover, he will have to Connect the IBAN number From your current account and Tax ID code. Immediately, the online system will send a receipt stating that the order has been processed. The positive or negative outcome of the request will then be communicated.

The amount of expenses incurred on construction work, which remains the responsibility of the applicant, is the starting point for calculating the contribution amount, on The maximum expenses incurred are equal to 96 thousand euros. In this sense The required contribution amount is 10% of the supported expenses declared by the appellant to a maximum of €9,600.

Furthermore, the value of the bonus paid will be calculated and determined taking into account the number of orders that will be submitted and the total amount of the bonus. Available financial resources: approximately 20 million euros. The revenue agency must report the distribution percentage by November 30, 2023.

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