The most prominent economic players for the year 2023 in Sabadell

The most prominent economic players for the year 2023 in Sabadell

Oriol Viñales, Vice President of Research at Google DeepMind

Behind the new Gemini AI model, with which Google will compete with Microsoft's OpenAi technology, is Sabadell's Oriol Viñales, the London-based vice president of research at Google DeepMind, who coordinated the “AI” system. This system is a multimodal AI model, which means it can generalize, understand, process and integrate different types of information – text, audio and video.

Viñales (Sabadell, 1983), a dual degree in communications engineering and mathematics (UPC), holds a master's degree in computer science from the University of California at San Diego and a doctorate in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Berkeley. He joined Google in 2011, where he served Since then he has made many contributions to deep learning and artificial intelligence research.

Among many other works, he contributed to the development of Alphastar, an artificial intelligence algorithm that plays the video game StarCraft II.

Josep Ollio, President of Banco Sabadell

The entity headed by Josep Ollio of Sabadell ended the first new months of 2023 with a profit of 1.028 million euros, a historic record for Banco Sabadell. 44.9% more than in the first three quarters of last year 2022. The good health experienced by the entity was also reflected in TSB, the British business of Banco Sabadell, which in its beginnings brought many problems to the group, ending the quarter with a loss. Profit after tax was £152 million, up 48.1%, representing a positive contribution to the group's accounts of €161 million.

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Haddock application

Sabadell businessmen Gerard Garcia-Del, Arnau Navarro and Paul Rosell-Haddock have been selected by Forbes Spain in a list of 30 people from the state “for their professional success.” The famous American business magazine recognized in this way his pioneering work and leadership in creating “impactful projects”, as well as his “spirit of innovation”.

In the case of Navarro and Russell, this is not the first time they have received an accolade from Forbes magazine, while it has been the case for them. To Gerard Garcia, Founder of Daily (2021). It is the first platform in Europe dedicated to digitizing the buying and selling process for SMEs.

Xavier Domingo, Heliswiss Ibérica, a leading aircraft repair company

In 2023, the company based at Sabadell Helèssués Iberica Airport received Airbus Level D certification, making it the first company in Europe to receive this recognition. By obtaining this certification, Heliswiss Ibérica positions itself as a trusted supplier of efficient and reliable repair services for Airbus helicopters. An important milestone for the reputation of the company, headed by Xavier Domingo, as a repair centre, Level D structural repairs refer to a wide range of critical components, including the landing gear, main gearbox, engine and component attachment points as well as the bow/tail joints, vertical fin and horizontal stabilizer. Meanwhile, Heliswiss Ibérica, a global leader in its sector, terminated a strategic partnership in 2023 with Air Chateau, a leading private helipad operator.

Ramon Alberich was unanimously re-elected President of the Chamber

At the beginning of November, businessman Ramon Alberich was unanimously re-elected president of the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce. The thirty-five members of the new plenary session renewed their confidence in him for the next four years, during what is his second and last term (2019-2023 and 2023-2027) at the head of the entity. Alberich hopes that the Chamber will become stronger over the next four years, with greater weight in its lobbying function, and that the Chamber's law will eventually be approved, and that we will see not only the North Tour become a reality, but the East Tour as well, among other things. Other priorities of the Chamber President.

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