Excellent news for the Italians

Excellent news for the Italians

Car tax 2023, savings are introduced: excellent news for Italians. There are completely legal ways to pay less taxes

For thousands of Italian motorists, the scariest moment is approaching. Because at the end of January, payments for Car tax 2023 And everyone will have to prove that they are standing, if they do not want to risk being left standing.

Car tax 2023, savings presented (Sportitalia.it)

Auto Tax is a bit like a TV subscription. Even if the viewer has never seen Rai, he is one Automatic fee. Even if we keep the car parked for six months a year, the regions (who are responsible for collecting it) don’t care and there is no deduction.

Or rather, there will also be a discounter and there are those who will be able to pay a smaller amount while remaining within the law. We have to go back to regional regulations In particular those in two Italian regions are trying to meet motorists. Because one of the ways to save on payment is to choose a file Localization of the bank.

A system that works well for household bills and you are entitled to one discount. The same happens for the car tax, too and at the moment only Campania and Lombardy use this method.

Car stamp 2023, savings offered: how the discount works in Campania

So let’s get into the details and see how tax auto localization works Campania. The regional government applies one 10% off For all motorists who choose this payment method.

It is therefore possible for residents of the Campania region to choose it, if they own one or more vehicles, or those who pay on behalf of the vehicle owner. But in the same way, it is also possible to join organizations and companies.

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Just send one specific request By completing and signing the authorization, to be sent by e-mail, with digital signature, to the address [email protected], or through your bank. Alternatively, it can be sent by regular mail to the Campania Region – PO Box 58 – UP Rome Tiburtino Sud viale Palmiro Togliatti 1505-00155 Rome. The application must be submitted no later than the 15th day of the month preceding the end of the stamp duty, otherwise it will be impossible to join.

Car tax 2023, even in Lombardy it is possible to get a reduced rate: this is how it works

A similar argument applies to those who must pay motor vehicle tax for 2023 in Lombardy But here’s the discount equals 15% Adhere to the bank’s localization. Moreover, there is no need to submit the application every year, since the direct debit is renewed automatically and can only be cancelled.

Citizens residing in Lombardy or registered in the register of Italian citizens residing abroad, owners of one or more vehicles, or renters can join. But also citizens who pay on behalf of the owner or lessee of the vehicle and companies and organizations that own no more than 50 vehicles (in this case 10%).

To activate localization, you must submit Delegate delegation To the deduction from the Lombardy Region online, through the personal area of ​​taxation on the Lombardy Region website, or by regular mail addressed to the Lombardy Region – PO Box 11048 – 20124 Milan. In the case of a jointly owned vehicle, the application for settlement must be submitted by the subject whose name appears first on the registration certificate.

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car tax
Reduced car tax in Lombardy (Sportitalia.it)

The cancellation of resettlement must be requested in the event of transfer of residence to another region, transfer of resettlement to another account, or re-registration of the vehicle. Instead, it is automatically triggered if the vehicle is sold, stolen, or demolished (but registration with the PRA is required.

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