Nobody is safe, that’s what will happen

Nobody is safe, that’s what will happen

Tesla is a company with absolute and great success, but the latest news about it is not entirely positive. Elon Musk and the company are still in the spotlight.

Tesla is a really great company, just like the number one company par excellence. We are talking about Elon Musk, who together with the American manufacturer of electric cars in the past few years greatly influenced the car market, especially from the point of view of electric development.

Elon Musk and Tesla are still in the spotlight, not in the positive (web source)

So we’re totally talking about a very valuable group that, however, should slow down a bit in its race towards the future of cars. Or at least that was shown by a sensational objection made by the British news agency “Reuters”. apparently, Sale expected at Tesla home, not even trivial. So let’s find out what it is and why the American manufacturer risks not only a revolution.

Tesla, 10,000 employees are at risk: and we have not refused anything

According to Elon Musk, the stagnation of Tesla is upon us. Tesla’s CEO will have very bad feelings about the brand’s economic situation and apparently thinks, If the company wants to stay where it is now, it will have to cut about 10% of the entire workforce. It’s an interesting communication in some ways, and it looks like it’s been emailed to all of the company’s directors.

Tesla in 2021 had up to 100,000 employees They will have to leave ten thousand of those, if the source is confirmed. Neither Tesla nor Musk has offered explanations on the matter, at least not yet. Not a very easy period for Tesla, as Elon Musk had already announced a few days ago that all employees must go back to work in person or else “we’ll assume they’re fired”.

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Elon Musk and Tesla still in the spotlight, not in the positive (web source) June 4, 2022
Elon Musk and Tesla are still in the spotlight, not in the positive (web source)

And now that super accurate source that definitely doesn’t put Tesla in a good light and his most famous and full of personality face ever.

We do not doubt that the company will rise in the best possible way, but certainly these uncomfortable statements or situations – if we are to – risk putting more fuel on the fire in what is from all points of view the emblematic car company in the development of “electric”. Which is important, of course, but the transaction In that sense, let’s face it: Elon Musk’s recent statements will make few people smile.

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