“No to the comprehensive siege of Gaza.” The European Union questions Israeli plans

“No to the comprehensive siege of Gaza.”  The European Union questions Israeli plans

Opposition to the comprehensive blockade was decided by her Israel In the Gaza stripContinuing aid to the Palestinian National Authority and a clear distinction between the latter and Hamas. High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union, Josep BorrellHe set the line that Brussels should follow at the end of the extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council. At the emergency summit, the foreign ministers of the 27 countries discussed the crisis in Israel and the region via video conference in the wake of recent tensions that have now turned into a real open conflict.

European Union position

there position Europe seems very clear. The ministers participating in the meeting condemned the recent attacks, and called for the protection of civilians and restraint, the release of hostages, and the provision of access to food, water and medicine in Gaza, in line with international humanitarian law by opening humanitarian corridors.

The importance of addressing the consequences of the attacks by strengthening cooperation with regional and international actors, in order to revive the peace process in the Middle East, was also stressed. The ministers reaffirmed Israel’s right to do soSelf-defense“,”In full compliance with international humanitarian lawThey then discussed how to continue cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and support the Palestinian people.

Burrell’s words

Burrell explained that a distinction was made between agitationThe Palestinian people and the Palestinian Authority, with the former defined as a terrorist organization and the latter as an accomplice. “We consider Hamas a terrorist organization, but the Palestinian Authority is something else, it is our partnerHe explained, adding that Brussels does not negotiate with Hamas, but “Supports, negotiates and cooperates“With the Palestinian Authority.

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Hence the condemnation of the blind and random anger in the Gaza Strip. “Not all Palestinian people are terrorists. If one Collective punishment Such action against all Palestinians would be unjust and unproductive. It will be against our interests and the interest of peaceBorrell explained, pointing out that respecting international law means “No to the blockade of water, food and electricity“.

Support Europe

The senior EU official continued that the Europeans are also “The United States overwhelmingly opposed suspending its aid to the Palestinian AuthorityThe ministers agreed that the European Union will continue to engage with all parties and maintain the agreement Financial support and politics of the region. Brussels will then ensure its long-term commitment to ensuring a two-state political solution.”Survive these tragic events“, concluded the Council.

The vast majority of Member States believe that we must continue to support the Palestinian Authority and that payments due should not be delayed, at a time when this Authority is at a critical juncture, because the Palestinian people are also suffering.“, Borrell himself stated again. Finally, regarding the crisis, the High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union stated that “A barbaric terrorist attack“Bring”The Israeli army’s response which in itself causes human suffering“.”We insist that this response must be carried out in accordance with humanitarian law“, he concluded.

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